How to Apply for TCS iON CCQT


You can apply for the exam on PrepInsta. Both TCS iON and PrepInsta are in distribution partnership with one another. With PrepInsta handling the promotions, marketing and application for the exam


How to apply for PrepInsta TCS iON CCQT

Steps to apply –

  • Step 1 – Pay for TCS iON Exam Here
  • Step 2 – You will receive email PrepInsta after the payment with Registration form for the exam
  • Step 3 – Fill out all your details for Registration
    • Complete Profile
    • Choose Test Center preference
    • Wait for hall ticket and other details sent to you via email
  • Step 4 –Give the exam
  • Step 5 – Get connected to hundreds of corporates

To make sure that there are good opportunities for all applied candidates we have restricted overall applications to 1 lakhs only. 

The first 5000 to apply will get 200Rs discount. From regular price of Rs.1199 PrepInsta students will get for Rs.1000. (Only first 5000)

Registered Already
Price increases in Minutes
  • Payment Guarentee by PrepInsta


Price by TCS iON


  • Get Connected to over 200+ Companies
  • 4245 already Registered
  • Valid for first 1,00,000 Candidates

Price for PrepInsta Students


  • Get Connected to over 200+ Companies
  • 4245 already Registered
  • Valid for first 5000 Candidates

How to apply for PrepInsta TCS CCQT

Step 1 Make Payment

Make the payment on PrepInsta website. We are currently running a discount. The cost of exam is Rs.1199. However, the cost for current discount period will be Rs.1000. PrepInsta and TCS iON are in a distributing partnership with one another, thus we have reduced the costs at our end.

TCS ION CCQT how to apply New

Step 2 Fill out the registration for after payment

Once you have made the payment PrepInsta and TCS iON both will send you confirmation email, on the mail you mentioned while making the payment. Follow the steps mentioned in the email and fill out the registration form

TCS CCQT How to apply

Start Preparation from PrepInsta

You have very less time for Preparation and the course is very different from general exams. Thus, we suggest you to start the preparation immediately. You can purchase our online classes or our paid materials for PrepInsta TCS iON CCQT prep.