Resume Making

You can obviously read a lot about making resumes on the internet, but this page will be completely different.

We will only cover most important Do’s and Don’ts for Resume making for TCS

  • Write TCS Specific Introduction in Resume on why you want to work for them and why you’re a good match for them. It leaves a very good impression on the interviewer that you are not using same Resume everywhere. But, created one specifically for TCS and thus you’re excited to join TCS, he will give preference to you.
  • Write a short Resume: About 1 to 1.5 pages not more than that. Since, the interviewer doesn’t want to read so much information
  • Always mention some sports or extra curricular achievement. This shows that you’re a hard working and active person who will be more responsive at work
  • Do not mention anything that you don’t know completely.
    • We have seen people writing languages like Ruby, Hadoop, Android etc etc. If you write them interviewer assumes that you know them and will ask questions in detail from them. So, its better not to write what you don’t know.
  • Always write about your final year projects so, they ask questions about something that you already know completely about. Make sure that you know most diagrams, theory and definitions from it.
  • Write about Languages, Technologies and subjects you know, so he ask questions from that. 
  • Your main aim is provide him a hint about the subject you want him to ask questions from rather than him thinking from which subject should he ask questions.
  • If he reads C and DBMS written in your Resume he will ask questions from that and well prepare for both subjects really well so you answer all questions. In this case since you haven’t written data structures in Resume, it is highly unlikely that he will ask questions from that.

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