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HR Round for TCS

There are no specific check list given as this round is conducted by HRs themselves. Visit our HR Round Dashboard to learn the most asked HR Questions asked in TCS.

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TCS HR Interview Round Questions for Freshers and Managerial Round 2018
  1. Introduce Yourself
  2. Why do you want to join TCS
  3. How many people work in TCS – Answer TCS Wikipedia page
  4. What details do you know about TCS? Like CEO, Employee population  , Last year turnover etc etc
  1. Tell about ur educational background
  2. Tell about joining location preference.
    1. Student should be willing to shift to any city in India. This is a primary requirement. You can tell your preference but you say you’re unwilling to shift any place elsewhere, you will not be selected.
  3. Why were your marks less in B.Tech as compared to your 10th and 12th.?( because mine were :p )
  4. What is new in IT Industry?
    1. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Social Media Digital marketting, Drones, Automation, DevOPS etc.
  5. Tell me about yourself
  6. Strength and Weakness
  7. Why should I hire you?
  8. What are the things you expect from TCS?
  9. Extra Curricular Activities
  10. Your family background
  11. Weakness?
  12. Strengths?
  1. Do you know the service agreement policy ?
    1. They are basically asking you about TCS Bond period, a period that you will have necessarily work in TCS if you join them. This period is about 2 years and you have to pay about 1.5Lakhs if you leave before 2 years.
  2. Interview told me Your employment with TCS is subject to background check do you know that?
  3. Are you comfortable with moving to some other city for job?
  4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  5. Hobbies extra Curricular Activities?
  6. Are you ready to work at any location and during Night Shifts?
  7. How often do you go Home? because you wont be able to go home regularly after joining TCS.

Student X

Firstly he asked me to introduce myself as my died of cancer he asked me a lots about my family background ,source of income, responsibilities and all.

Then he asked about curriculum activities other than academic , I answered .

Then he asked some basic questions from computer network as I said I don’t know not good in CN. He skipped it talk random be yourself  and give lots of suggestions and then asked me to leave .

Others – 

  1. Top 5 product based Indian company.
    1. Answer – Zoho, Swiggy, Zomato, Freshdesk, Ola. Don’t say Flipkart, Amazon they are based out of singapore and US as registered office.
  2. How to do prioritise things in your life?
  3. What did you score less in class 12
  4. Why did you score less in CS subjects
  5. Do you like read, What kind of things you read?
  6. Who is the Finance Minister of India
  7. Suppose you have to do any project on a topic which is totally new for you then what resources is going to help you?
  8. Suppose if you will be given a limited time to learn COBOL.then?
  9. What is your short term and Long term goals?
  10. U got job in Bhel and TCS,then what do u do?(Mech Student)
  11. Tell me any challenging moment of your life?
  12. How do you work under pressure?

Suggestion 1

They were trying to counter attack you in your answers and would ask you what if you get situations which was completely opposite  to why all you had said.  Then you have to respond very promptly over there . They will try to tell you you are better somewhere else but not fit for TCS, Don’t let them prove that. You give another counter statement which will support your previous answer and make them think again. SO the only thing WHICH IS BEING CHECKED IN THESE QUESTIONS WERE your  PRESENCE OF MIND  AND YOUR CONFIDENCE. BE CONFIDENT! In this interview with so many people to get interviewed THEY don’t have time to check your technical.  They are checking for Only confidence.Whatever knowledge was needed to be checked it was checked in the first online test. Only thing to be checked in face to face interview is Confidence  and presence of mind. GOOD LUCK!.


Round 2: TR+HR+MR

It is a 3 member panel. They had interviewed me around 1 hour.
When I entered the room they offered me the chair. I said thank you and took my seat.

  • Question 1: Introduce yourself.
  • Question 2: explain your strengths with an instance that you have faced recently.
  • Question 3: questions on OS- concepts.
  • Question 4: questions on DBMS-joins, tables, queries on tables.
  • Question 5: difference between C and Java.
  • Question 6: They asked me to solve some SQL queries.
  • Question 7: About projects.
  • Question 8: Latest technologies- Artificial intelligence, Automation – examples.
  • Question 9: They asked to write code for some basic sort and search algorithms in C.
  • Question 10: They asked me to explain code execution in C.
  • Question 11: what do you know about TCS.
  • Question 12: Why we need to hire you?
  • Question 13: Are you willing to work anywhere in India? – I said, Yes sir.
  • Question 14: They asked, Any queries? – Then I asked, What the industry expects from a fresher?
    They said, “Basic overview of all the concepts learned by the students in the engineering”.

Nearly 900 people has attended the first round and 400 people has cleared that first round.

TR ,HR ,MR are conducted in the same panel with the group of 3

  • Question 1: Introduce yourself?
  • Question 2: They interrupted me while introducing myself and they asked about the projects?- I had explained the projects I had done.
  • Question 3: When did you started your github account?(since I mentioned my github link in my resume)
  • Question 4: What are the technologies you have used?
  • Question 5: Why are you interested in doing this particular project only?
  • Question 6: Do you have any live implementation of your projects? – I have provided them the url
  • Question 7: How do you implement the timer in php?
  • —- The interviewer has given few suggestions in implementing the project further—
  • Question 8: He asked some questions on java OOPS conceps
  • Question 9: What is your Eamcet Rank?
  • Question 10: Tell me about your family Background?
  • Question 11: What do you know about TCS?
  • Question 12: Queries in SQL
  • Question 13: Do you have any doubts?( I simply said NO)
  • The interview went for 45 min… Finally I got selected in TCS. 201 members are selected from my college.
  • NOTE: Don’t try to bluff the interviewer .Be confident with your resume.

There were three Interviewers sitting ( one madam and two sirs )
At first I greet them Good morning.
Sir: It’s already noon ( with smiling face )
me: Actually Sir, it’s our first meet so I can also say Good morning. (replied with a smile)
Sir: ok ..Ok take your Seat. ( and from now they started asking me question one after another )
Madam: Ok Introduce Yourself.( Took my Document File from me for some paper verification )
Me: Told ( In Between that she asked me some Ques Like : What is N.G.O. …as it comes while telling my parents occupation )
( Always be prepare what you are going to put on your CV as well as Introduction, They can ask you any time )
Sir: Ok apart from your studies what are your hobbies?
Me: Drawing, Cooking.
Madam: Oooo..U know Cooking? Okk what can you cook well??
Me: Non-veg items.
Sir: What are your favorite subjects?
Me: Programming Languages like C, Java. (I am from CSE background, so I know that they can ask any subjects they want, so I told very few)
Sir: What are the differences between C and Java??
Me: Explained
Sir: What is OOPS concept??( This term comes while explaining ans of prev ques, So use only those words which you can explain )
Me: Explained
Sir: What are the Features of OOPS?
Me: Told
Sir: What is Polymorphism?? ( again from prev Ques )
I took help of rough paper which was present there to explain it with an example & then finally told the definition again.
madam:Why you want to join TCS?
Me: Told
sir: Suppose you have to do any project on a topic which is totally new for you then what resources is going to help you???
suppose if you will be given a limited time to learn COBOL.then ????
Me: explained in my way and sir was quite empressed.
They ask me a ques of Software engineering ( not studied yet as it was on our current sem ) so I told about it then sir started asking me question from DBMS
(Database Management System) such as Trigger.
again he came to C and asked about Pointers concept.
Me: explained
madam: Tell me any challenging moment of your life.
Me: told ( in between that she asked me so many cross questions….why this?? Why that?? )
Sir:How do you work under pressure??
Then the 2nd sir told me to write a code to check whether a character array is palindrome or not.
I started writing then he asked me about the logics and then ask that “Your name is Palindrome or not?”.
Me: told
2nd sir: okk your concept is clear. Now tell me how will you sort a double linked list??
Me: I thought he told me to reverse Double Linked list so I started explaining about single and double linked list at first then I realized that I don’t know how to sort Double Linked List
So I told him politely “Sorry sir, I don’t know it, but I know various normal sorting technique”
Sir: okk leave it. I was just checking your concept. It is clear. ( with a smile )
Madam: Are you ready to work at any location?, during Night Shifts??
Me: Told
Madam: How often do you go Home? because you wont be able to go home regularly after joining TCS.
Me: Told in good way ( in between that she did a lots of cross question )
Madam:Do you know about our service agreement ??
Me: Ya but can you please tell me about it in detail?
madam : Told about all service agreement after joining
Madam:Any Question you want to ask??
Me: I have listened about perusing Master degree which can be done while working in company. So can you please tell about it?
(Here ma’am again got a point to do cross question, so please dont ask any unnecessary question )
Sir:You want to do M.Tech or what??
Me: Actually I have not decided yet because I just want to do Job now.In future I’ll decide about it.
Madam: After Master will you join our company?
Madam: How can you assure that you will join our company?
Sir: Who knows, you will our company after 1-2 years……( They Were just checking that were I can handle these question or not. )
and Finally madam Told one thing that totally shocked me.
“It seems You are a kind of Honest person and TCS is not looking for a person like You”
these words totally changed my mood but still I remembered that my seniors have told me whatever the situation will come don’t be upset. just say “Sorry” if you did some mistake and don’t try to argue with them. So I did the same and now my interview is over .
It took about 35-40 mins to complete that Interview.
Madam’s word were stamped on my mind , and I was thinking that I am not going to be selected. My friends were saying that they were checking you.
and one of my senior bhaiya told me that if HR will tell you something about you then “you are 100% Selected”.
I was waiting for the result. and finally I got placed .
one thing I want to tell you all ” Don’t get panic about your result, just give your best in Interview and don’t argue with them”.

In 2nd round, my marks gave the first impression to the interviewers, they were highly impressed by my 10th,12th and B.Tech marks (In 10th I have got 10 CGPA, In 12th 90 % and In B.Tech 9.35). After seeing my marks they told me that they would love to have me in TCS. and then asked some General Knowledge Questions and then they asked me As you have good marks then you have taken IT and why you want to join TCS. Then they asked me my best subject, I told them I have basic idea on every subject, so you can ask any of them but they told me to choose any one subject, then I told them to ask from C.
They asked me various questions :
Interviewers: Write down the structure syntax ?
Me:- wrote and explained
Interviewers: write down pointer syntax?
Me:- wrote and explained
Interviewers: Difference between structure and pointers?
Me:- Told
Interviewers:write down the code for insertion in doubly linked lists?
Then they told me write the structure syntax used in doubly linked lists?
Me:- Told
Interviewers:-Write the code for fibonacci series?
Me:- Wrote and explained
Then they gave me one DBMS question and asked me to write down the query.
I answered this question and said Thank you to them.
and at last before I was leaving the cabin they told me We will see u in TCS.
and next day I got my result and I was selected.
Try to be calm during interview and be confident by your answer but don’t argue to them.

This time you also need to focus on some good coding examples for which you can also visit simpleway2code and keep good command on basics so that you can answer those questions.

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