• Name: Abhishek
  • College: Central University, Karnataka
  • Branch: Computer Science
  • Type of interview: On-Campus Interview

Student Interview

During the last semester of my M.TECH, I received an email from my college placement officer that I have been shortlisted for the TCS On-Campus drive. So I immediately registered for the drive and started my preparations. While I was struggling to find some relevant study material online, one of my friends suggested me to visit Thankfully, I found all the essential study material there. It greatly helped me with my preparations.

TCS visited our campus on 31st January 2018. The TCS selection process had 2 rounds.

  • Written Test
  • Interview Round

Round 1- Written Test

  • Verbal Ability

In this round, I had to answer fill in the blanks type questions. A passage was given with some blanks and I had to fill answers in blanks using options given in the drop down menu of each blank. It was 10 minutes round with negative marking. It was a simple round and so I easily completed it.

  • Aptitude Test

The aptitude test had 20 questions and a time limit of 40 minutes for test completion. For every correct answer 1 mark got awarded and for every incorrect and 0.33 mark got deducted. The questions were mostly based the following concepts:

    • Time and Work
    • Speed and Distance
    • Profit and Loss
    • Probability
    • Permutation and Combination

Also, there were some puzzles of moderate level. Since I had practiced for all these topics on PrepInsta, I successfully attempted most of the questions.

  • Programming Concepts Test

In the technical test, I had to complete 10 questions in 20 minutes, which were based on the technical concepts of CS-IT domain. This test also had negative marking.

  • Coding Test

The coding test had one question for which I had to write a program using any language (C, C++, Java, python, etc.). I completed this test in 20 minutes timeframe.

Half an hour later results were declared, and I was selected for the interview round.

Round 2- Interview

The interview round was conducted on the next day, that is, on 1st of February. In this round, there was one interviewer who asked technical, managerial, and HR questions.

Interviewer: Tell me about yourself.

Me: Gave a brief introduction about myself.

Interviewer: What are your hobbies?

Me: I like to play basketball, listen to music, and swimming.

Interviewer: Good! Do you know of TCP/IP layer? Explain its detailed structure.

Me: I drew a full layer structure of TCP/IP layer and explained its structure.

Interviewer: Very Well! You seem to be a knowledgeable person. You can be a professor. Why do you choose to work in a corporate environment?
Me: Told that academic career will take time to groom, and as of my family responsibilities, currently I have to start my career in IT industry.

Interviewer: Okay. Now suppose you are placed in a project in which you have a senior who is younger to you and also has less knowledge than you. But as of hierarchy, he is superior to you. He assigns you a task which is wrong. Now in such a case, what would you do? Will you correct him or will do the work as it is?

Me: I will tell him the correct thing if I know as it will be good for the company and as a team member I should always try to do best of my knowledge of the company.

Apart from this, he asked me other questions as well.

  • What was your role in the project?
  • Write a program of palindrome number.
  • Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?

Then, the interviewer asked me if I was comfortable with relocation and shift duties to which I replied YES. Then he asked me if I had any questions. So I asked him some questions. Then he said, “that all for the day.” I thanked him and left.

One week later result was declared, and fortunately, I was selected for the job.

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