• Name: Karthik Apte
  • College: RV College of Engineering
  • Branch: Computer Science and Engineering
  • Type of Interview: Off Campus Interview TNSLPP

Student Interview

I got placed in the TCS in February 2018. I had attended the TCS OFF CAMPUS placement drive through TNSLPP. The TCS recruitment took place in two rounds. The first round was the online test section which had the verbal ability section, quantitative test, coding test and the programming concepts test. The second round was the interview.

Most of my preparations for TCS was based on study materials provided by my college and PrepInsta. I came across this website when I was looking for TCS sample papers and interview experiences over the net. The website provided all the information and help I needed. I also found TCS questions for both the written round and the interview round.

My first round was scheduled for me on January 31, 2018.

Round 1: The Online Test Section

Verbal Ability – In this round one passage was given to me and I had to fill in the correct answers in the blanks given in the passage. It was a 10 minutes round with negative marking.

Quantitative Ability – This test had some questions from quantitative aptitude and reasoning. There were 30 aptitude questions. The best part was, the study materials present at the PrepInsta website helped me a lot to get through this round.

Coding Section – The coding test had some coding questions. These questions contained negative marking. I did pretty well in this section.

Programming Concepts – This section was comprised of some programming questions that were easy for me to answer.

After the written test, some days later, I got my result on February 2, 2018, and was called for the Face to Face interview. The call letter mentioned the interview venue at Chennai TCS branch on 9th February 2018.

I reached the assigned venue and on the allocated time. Although I was quite nervous about the interview, I went for it with confidence. As my first round went well due to PrepInsta, even this time I prepared myself with some interview questions given on their website.

Round 2: Interview

The interview was taken by a panel of three people. These people were from Human Resource, Technical Resource, and a Manager. All of them were sitting in the interview hall.The interview was not too long, and he asked me some simple questions.

Managerial Interview

Some of the questions asked by the manager were:

After eight months of finishing college, what have you done?
Tell something about yourself which is not mentioned in your resume.
What is your strategy for success in this interview?
Technical Interview

One of the technical team members was also seated on the panel. He tested me on my technical skills. He asked me some simple technical questions about programming concepts and basic concepts of OOPS, C, and C++.

 HR Interview

The HR asked me some questions towards the end. Some of them were:

Tell us about your project.
How do you know about this recruitment?
Tell us about your family.
Why did you apply for TCS?
Are you flexible to work anywhere in India?
Are you OK with the work agreement?
Do you have any questions?

The interview went pretty well and was over soon. The panel told me that I would get results through email. Ten days after my face-to-face interview, I received an email from TCS saying that I got selected for the job. The email contained my offer letter for the job. I accepted the offer the same day.

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