TCS Email Writing Questions 35

You are a team leader in a company and you have to write an email to one of your team member appreciating his/her work.

thank you – efforts – hard worker – weekend work – timeliness – client appreciation – successful completion – extra work hours – good skills – keep it up

Dear Jyoti,

On behalf of all the team members I want to thank you for your efforts and timeliness in completing the job.

Your weekend work and extra work hours have not only resulted in successful completion of the project but have also brought client appreciation for the entire team. You are a hard worker in real sense.

I hope that you will show the same level of dedication and apply your good skills for all future projects.

Keep it up!



Solution – 2

Dear Amar,

I congratulate and thank you for your outstanding performance. Your efforts have finally paid off and you have proved yourself as a true hard worker by taking extra work hours.

The timeliness and the successful completion of the project has given us immense client appreciation. Your good skills were reflected throughout the project. All the extra work hours is worth appreciating.

Keep it up! Our company is proud of such employees . Hope you continue with the same zeal and enthusiasm.


Adarsh Singh