TCS Email Writing Questions 30

Mail regarding Thank you for the interview:

Thank you – time and consideration – extended – interview with you yesterday – opportunity – my experience – my future goals – hearing from you – wish to thank – courtesy.

Dear Sir,

Thank you for time and consideration that you have extended during the interview with you yesterday for the position of Senior Software Engineer . I think this opportunity matches my experience and is well aligned with my future goals . I assure you that given a chance I will work with complete dedication and sincerity and prove to be an asset to the organization. I hope to hearing from you soon and once again wish to thank you for your courtesy and valuable time.

Yours sincerely,


Solution – 2

Dear sir

Thank you for such a wonderful experience and for your time and consideration -extended. My interview with you yesterday went like the life’s best experience and that opportunity which you people gave me to share my experience with you and explore my future goals was worth a while.It was nice hearing from you that the company is going to take those who are passionate for work not money.
Wish to thank for the courtesy and humbleness.

Thanks and regards

Solution – 3

Dear Sir/Mam
I recently came to your company for an interview with you yesterday. Thank you for your precious time and consideration for giving me such a wonderful opportunity. In my interview I was asked about my experience in other companies, my future goals and expectations from the company. It was a really a great experience sitting there and hearing from you. Once again I wish to thank you for your courtesy and for conducting my interview.
Thanking You
Yours Sincerely

Solution 4 –

Dear XYZ Company
I would like to thank you for your time and consideration which you gave for me. It is a very good opportunity for me to work with a number one organization in India. I hope i will fulfill my future goals by doing work with you. Its an honor for me to reach PI level, i gave interview with you yesterday. it was an wonderful experience for me to sitting there and hearing from you. At last i wish to thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity.
Thanks and Regards

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