Software Engineering

Software Engineering

Software engineering is made up of two terms that is software and engineering.

  • Software refers to the set of instructions that tells a computer what to do and how to perform any tasks.
  • Engineering is the work to build and design something in an effective manner.

Software engineering is an engineering branch to develop a software product using some scientific principles and procedures. The result will be an reliable and good quality product.

Software engineer is a person who develop and maintain the software product. The study of developing and maintaining software is called software engineering.

Goals of  software engineering :

  1. Accuracy – The software product should be accurate as specified in the srs document.
  2. Reliable – Software product should have the quality of being trustworthy it means the software product performs exact task under the specified time slot.
  3. Testability – To test or evaluate the  functionality of software product, the software should have this property.
  4. Reusability – The code or program have the capability to used in different applications with some changes so that new products can be created.
  5. Adjustable – The ability to be modified or make some changes in software product for another purposes.
  6. Cost-effectiveness – To producing a good quality software product without costing a lot of money.
  7. Efficiency – Making a software product without wasting time.

Advantages of Software Engineering :

  1. The software product provides user satisfaction and fulfil the requirements of the user.
  2. Software engineer creates more flexible product.
  3. Software requirement specification provides better documentation.
  4. Cost saving product is made by using cost-effective techniques.
  5. By using some scientific rules and methods ,we can save enough time.
  6. Software engineering provides comfortable working environment.

Disadvantages of Software Engineering:

  1. Changing nature of technology everyday so you have to update your knowledge.
  2. You need to take training for the new technology and skills.
  3. Increased the level of physical and mental stress.
  4. Global competition 
  5. Increased job keeping skills due to lack of job security.
  6. Software engineer have to work long hours sitting in front of computer.

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