How to Send us Payment on FaceBook via PayTM?

Ques. Have you contacted us via Facebook and wondering how to Pay for a module you want to purchase? Read here –

These Steps will help us both for a Quick Resolution – 

  • There is currently 5% discount if you Subscribe our YouTube Channel here.
  • Send us the name of file in the following format
    • Exam Name : Section Name1, Section Name 2 ……
    • eg- “AMCAT – Computer Programming, Quants, Logical, English”
    • eg- “TCS – Aptitude Pro and email”
  • Calculate the price of one file
    • eg. for AMCAT – Rs.79(Checked from Instamojo) x 4 = Rs316(Cost Same for all Files)
    • eg. for TCS Rs149, Rs69 Total = 218
  • If have subscribed YouTube Channel here then Calculate discount final price after discount – Total price *.95 = Price after discount.
    • e.g. For AMCAT after discount – Rs300.2 Round of Rs.300
    • e.g. For TCS after discount – Rs207.1 Round off Rs.207
  • Send this amount to our PayTM number – 888-420-9544 or scan the code given below.
  • Post payment send us the screenshot in the following format

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