Resume Building – Placement Cell


Here on this page you will find:

  • Steps To Build the perfect resume using Canva
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Resume Building
  • Important Information Remember

Important Points To Remember:

  1.  The Resume Should only have One Single Page.
  2. Your Name should be on the TOP with H1 heading Size.
  3.  No Negative/Blank Space Should be there.
  4. The format (font & letter-size) from top to bottom should be same and structured.

STEP - 1

Choose your Template

URL :  Canva Resume Templates

Note: Try to use subtle and neat template. Don’t Use Templates with more color and designs.
Basic and Simple Design always works well.

STEP - 2

Editing The Template

  • After choosing your template, you can edit these following section (Content Under Blue Border)
    1. Change The Passport Size Picture.
    2. Contact Information.
    3. Change the Name and Title.

List of Information to mention:

1. Brief Self Information

Write a brief indtroduction about yourself just below your Name. It should be max to max of 3 lines, not more than that.

2. Passport Size Picture

You need to put One Passport Size color photogrpah.

  • Make sure you are wearing “Formals” while taking the pictures. 
  • Color of the shirt should be in light colors only.

3. Education

Here you need to mention in sets of two:

  • First College Name
    • Branch : Name of Branch
    • CGPA : –
    • Year of Passing Out:
  • Second Name of School
    • Type of Board:  CBSC/ICSC/State Board
    • Percentage in 12th: –
    • Percentage in 10th: –

4. Work Experience

Here you mention all the work experience that you might gained till now. It can have  the following:

  • Companies where you have worked before even as an Intern
  • Side Project that you might have worked on at a “business scale”.


This is your section to Shine. Here you mention all the important skills that you have learned over the course of time.

  • Programming Skills
  • Coding Languages
  • Website/App Development
  • Anything Related to Core Branch

Under Skills you can also mention your “Interests”.

  • Like if you have interest in Some New Technologies.
  • Like AI, React-js etc.
  • No need to be expert in these but you should have all the important information related to anything you mention under “Interest Section”.