Set 4

Student’s Name: Ravi
College: Dayananda Sagar, college of Engineering, Bangalore
Subject: Electronics Engineering
Type of Interview: On-Campus interview

Student interview
My first on-campus interview was with Reliance Jio Company. During our last semester, we got to know that Reliance Jio is organizing its recruitment program in our College. Our seniors told us to visit Prepinsta website to prepare for aptitude and technical questions for the written round. So I started my preparations from Prepinsta, which was very helpful there were many sample questions.

Round 1- Online Written Test Paper
To complete this paper, we were given a maximum time of 72 minutes, and we were informed that there would be no negative marking in this paper. It was divided into three sections:
 Aptitude test ( 30 mins)
Verbal English – 10 questions
Reasoning & Data Interpretation – 10 questions
Quantitative Aptitude – 10 questions
 Psychometric Test (12 mins)
Behavioural Questions- 50 Questions
 Technical Test (30 mins)
Electrical MCQs – 30 Questions
I completed the test as soon as possible and got selected for the next round.

Round 2- First Group Discussion
This was my favorite round, as I am very good at GD. The topic for GD was, “Role of an engineer in disaster management.” Many candidates were quite, many were shouting. I was relaxed and was waiting for my chance. I stated two relevant points and was selected for the next GD round.

Round 3- Second Group Discussion
Only 12 candidates were selected for this round. We were given a new topic, “Importance of communication skills.” This time we were given 5 minutes to write about this topic and 10 minutes to prove our points. The interviewers were observing our communication skills and confidence. In the end, few names were called for the next interview, and I was one of them.

Round 4- Technical Interview
Some technical questions asked from me were:
 What is ACSR Cable and where we use it?
 What is 2 Phase Motor?
 What is the function of anti-pumping in Circuit Breaker?
 Why the capacitors works on Ac only?
I answered every question and so was shortlisted for the last round.

Round 5- HR Interview
I was a bit nervous about this round as I know that little mistake will let me lose this
opportunity. They first asked me to give them a brief about myself. Then they asked me how my experience was during the interview as it was my first interview. I told them about myself nicely and then also said that I was not nervous except for this round as I don’t have much idea about HR interviews. The interview continued for about half an hour.

I was asked to sit outside for a while; however, after some time they called my name and congratulated me for getting selected for the job.

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