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Step 1

First we Train you

PrepInsta Placement Cell is a 3 month course, where we get you ready for the industry.

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Step 2


In final month of course we start referring you to partner companies,
Referrals are based on your performance in the course.


Step 3

Get job & Pay

Once you get placed in one of our partner/non-partner companies. Pay us for the course.

No Job, No Payment. Simple !!!
(Check Payment Plan below)

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students placed in
95 %
Student got placed
21 LPA
Highest package
Average package

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Companies where our students are working* -

Cognizant PrepInsta
Companies Hiring Via AMCAT
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Cuemath PrepInsta
Zomato PrepInsta
Flipkart PrepInsta
Schneider_Electric PrepInsta
Bosch PrepInstsa
Big Basket PrepInsta

Pay us only when you get placed

Course Plan

We recommend only serious learners join.

We expect people to give ~ 20 hours a week
Course Plan
Top 40% performers
Week 1 - Week 2
Basics of Aptitude
Basics of Aptitude
Week 3 - Week 4
Basics of C, C++
Basics of C, C++
Week 5 - Week 6
Advanced Coding
Advanced/Competetive Coding
Week 7 - Week 8
Interview Preparation
Interview Preparation +
Introduction to Front End
Dev.(HTML + CSS) +
We start referring you to companies
Week 8 - Week 9
Daily Mock Interviews
Data Structures + Introduction
to ReactJS + JavaScript
Week 10 - 12
Interviews + Offer Rollouts
Daily Mock Interviews +
Interviews + Offer Rollouts
Week 12 onwards
Interviews + Offer Rollouts
Interviews + Offer Rollouts
Course Completed
Earn & Pay
Earn & Pay

PrepInsta Placement Cell Payment plan

Pay us 10% of CTC salary for 1 year if you get a job or considerable hike of your current job. (Max payment : 2 Lacs)

How it works

Before joining course, you will need to clear a mentoring cum interview session with PrepInsta Mentor

Zero Cost unless you get a Job
In Review, if you already have offer before joining course

- If you get salary hike, then only payment applicable.
Interview Preparation
Resume Building
Teaching Assistant
Premium Jobs from PrepInsta Partners & Startup Referrals
Access to all PrepInsta Courses
Course Certificate
Job Guarantee

Pay us only when you get placed

10% of your base monthly
salary for 12 months
(Max Payment : 2Lakhs)

Payment Plan :

Pay us 10% of your base monthly salary for 12 months.

  1. Example – If your salary is 6 LPA.
  2. You Earn – Your base monthly salary is 50,000 per/month 
  3. You Pay – 10% of 50,000 = Rs. 5,000 each for 12 months.

Max Payment capped at 2 LPA.

  1. Example – If you get 30 LPA
  2. You Earn – Your base monthly salary is Rs.2,50,000
  3. You Pay – 10% of Rs.2,50,000 = Rs. 25,500 for 8 months. (As, 2L Max Payment is completed in 8 months)

You only pay for 8 months as on completion of 8 month you will have paid 2LPA, which is max payment cap.

Do not want to calculate? Check some sample ISA Calculations for you

(in Lakhs/ Annum)
10 % for 1 Yrs
Total Payable
(in Lacs)
Monthly Payment
Your Monthly CTC
40 L
4 L
2.0 L
₹33,333.0 (for 6 Months)
30 L
3 L
2.0 L
₹25,000.0 (for 8 Months)
25 L
2.5 L
2.0 L
₹20,833.0 (for 9 Months)
20 L
2 L
2.0 L
₹16,666.0 (for 12 Months)
15 L
1.5 L
1.5 L
₹12,500.0 (for 12 Months)
12 L
1 L
1.0 L
₹8,333.33 (for 12 Months)
8 L
66 K
66 K
₹6,666.66 (for 12 Months)
6 L
60 K
60 K
₹5,000.0 (for 12 Months)
5 L
41 K
41 K
₹4,166.0 (for 12 Months)
3.5 L
₹2,916.0 (for 12 Months)
< 3 L
< 0.6 L
0 L
₹0 (No need to pay anything)

PrepInsta Reviews

Placement Cell Abhishek

Company : Locus

Package : 12 LPA


On Campus offers : 1

PrepInsta Offers : 4

Salary Hike : 400%

I already had 1 on campus offer from college but it was really less. I joined PrepInsta Placement Cell. For the first 1.5 months they helped me prepare for aptitude and then I performed good so I got coding career track and was trained in it for next 1.5 months.

I would typically study for 10-12 hours a week. At the end of the course I got 4 offers from Accenture, BigBasket, Hyundai and Locus. Now, I am working in locus.

Placement Cell Vikhyati

Company : Accenture

Package : 6 LPA


On Campus offers : 0

PrepInsta Offers : 2

Salary Hike : 150%

Very less companies visited my college for placements and I didn't get job in TCS NQT or Wipro NLTH also.

The course really helped me with aptitude, coding & interview. After 3 months I got job in Accenture as a full stack developer. I have referred 5 of my room mates to take PrepInsta placement cell course, 4 of them have job offers already in 2nd month of course.

Placement Cell Siddanth

Company : Flipkart

Package : 24 LPA


On Campus offers : 3

PrepInsta Offers : 2

Salary Hike : - 600%

I had offer from TCS & 2 other companies. My college placement office is in partnership with PrepInsta so my college recommended to join PrepInsta Placement Cell course.

At the very first I was hesistant as the course fee was 5,000Rs & I already had offers. But, I took the risk, eventually it paid off I got 6x package hike from PrepInsta placement cell. I would recommend everyone to join this course.

Placement Cell Vishal

Company : MindTree

Package : 3.5 LPA


On Campus offers : 0

PrepInsta Offers : 1

Salary Hike : 170%

MindTree was my dream company and I had no on campus offers. PrepInsta Placement Cell course helped me to get a job in MindTree.

I didn't perform well in the course so I was not referred to companies paying 10LPA+. But, I think it was better as they matched my skills with the job I deserve. Else, I would have been giving interviews & not getting selected as I was bad at coding. So I will say I am more than happy to get job in MindTree

Placement Cell Apoorv

Company : Schneider Electric

Package : 6 LPA


On Campus offers : 0

PrepInsta Offers : 2

Salary Hike : 200%

I got two jobs one paying 10LPA and other paying 6 LPA. I joined 6 LPA job as it was of my core electrical field & my friend also got placed in same company, he is from mechanical.

I am happy to get a job :D. Though I will prepare for UPSC later.


Is the course Free?

Yes and No. We charge initial fee of Rs.10,000. This is done to make sure that only serious learners join the course as you will have to give ~ around 20 – 24 hours every week to the course to complete lectures and assignments.

Why does PrepInsta charge money?

The objective of PrepInsta is to help our students get a job. But, each batch of PrepInsta Placement cell has around 500 students. We need to pay salaries of teachers, mentors, teaching assistants and HR’s that are working day and night hard for next 3 months to get you placed.

What is ISA (Income sharing Agreement)?

Once you get a job via PrepInsta, you can pay for the course by coming into income sharing agreement with us. In which you pay 10% of your salary every month for next 12 months.

We will work hard and tirelessly to get you a high paying job. You do not need to pay us if you do not get a job.

What will be asked in interview cum mentoring session of PrepInsta Placement Cell?

It will be a short interview call where we will judge your communication skills as it will be really hard to teach communication in 3 months. We will rate you out of a score of 10 based on which we will selected you or not for PrepInsta Placement Cell.

Other things like aptitude, coding, advance coding and technologies we will teach you ourselves during this period.

What if I miss interview call from PrepInsta placement cell and when will I receive a call from your end?

You will receive it in the next one week ideally. Our system will send you an automated SMS on the day you will receive the call. If you miss it, you can either call us back on the same number from which you received the call or you can email us on [email protected] and we will help you.

I already have a job offer of 3.5 LPA, how will the course help me?

40% of our batch already had job offers & the average salary of last batch was 7.6 LPA. So if you join us you have chance of increasing your salary by 300% on average.

If you continue to work for 4 years by starting on 3.5 LPA then only you will reach close to 7.6 LPA. So PrepInsta placement cell is giving you career boost by 4 years

I am in college and I have classes what should I do?

We recommend you to spend 10 – 16 hours a week for the course. You can try to give more time on weekends and a 1 – 2 time on weekdays.

If you get exam in between you can take a break of 14 days if you like. However, this will also push your referral dates to companies to 14 more days.

Trust us we will help you to get your dream job that you deserve. Have faith in us, as long as you believe and put in hard work, we assure you we’ll do everything to get you to your dream job.

How many students get placed on average?

In our last batch

  • 95% got at least 1 job offer
  • 81% got at least 2 job offers
  • 59% got more than 3 job offers
  • 5% got 0 job offers.

The average salary was of 7.6LPA

What if at the end of the course I do not get placed?

It is highly unlikely for you to not get placed as 95% of our students get placed and other 5% were those who didn’t complete the course and weren’t serious about getting placed. We promise that we will do anything and everything to make sure that you get placed.

After completion of the course we will still keep referring you but still, if you do not get placed you need not pay us anything.

I want to only get placed in product based companies, is this course helpful?

Yes, infact most of our students are placed in product based companies. We will refer you to multiple companies. It is upto you to which you want to apply :).

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