Tech Mahindra Paragraph 6

Tech Mahindra Paragraph Writing:-

Look at the image and write paragraph on it.


It is a famous saying that there no age limit for learning. Any person can learn at any age. Therefore the people of Gangapur village has decided to get the education at this age.They don’t have any hesitation in learning at this stage. Shyam is an educated boy. So, the villagers have decided to get the education from him. Every afternoon, after finishing their work, they gather near a tree along with their children. In the shade of the tree, Shyam teaches them the basic mathematics, English, and Hindi. Thee Villagers Listens Shyam carefully and tries to learn things properly. 

After getting educated the farmer would no longer be cheated by the Big Merchants. They would be able to do the calculation by themselves. They would become Independent. They would get Knowledge about Farming, and they would get to Know about the latest Technologies being used.