Oracle Interview Experience 2018 for Freshers

Oracle Interview Experience for Freshers 2018

Interview Experience for Oracle

Name: Ananya

College: SRM Chennai

Branch: Computer Science

Type of interview: On-Campus Interview

Student Interview

Our HOD informed us all that Oracle would be conducting a recruitment drive at our college in the next month. So all students are required to register to eLitmus as the eLitmus pH test would be the first elimination round for Oracle. Also, he informed that the difficulty level of the pH paper would be high so preparation must be up to that level. So, I started my preparation through PrepInsta as my seniors informed me that this website contains relevant study material. And they were correct; I found satisfactory study material which helped me in the written examination.

Round 1- eLitmus written test

This round had a pen and paper-based examination which contained the following sections:


No. of Questions



Negative Marks

Problem Solving and Reasoning

20 Questions

200 Marks

35-90 Marks=75-95 percentile


Quantitative Aptitude

20 Questions

200 Marks

50-80 Marks=75-95 percentile



20 Questions

200 Marks

95 – 160 Marks=65-90 percentile



60 Questions

600 Marks

I was able to clear the cut-off of the paper, so I was selected for the coding round.

Round 2- Coding Round by HackerRank

HackerRank conducted the coding round in the Oracle interview. It had two coding questions which were to be completed in 1 hour.

  1. Given an array of integers, we had to find the length of the shortest possible subsequence of integers that were not in order. A set of integers are said to be in order if they are (non-decreasing or non-increasing).
  2. Given a string containing 0’s and 1’s. The task is to find out a minimum number of bits to be flipped such that 0’s and 1’s will be alternative.

I was able to complete both the questions in time and moved to the third round.

Round 3- Technical Interview

The interviewer was a serious-looking man who made me nervous. However, he talked to me very politely which comforted me a bit. He asked me about my family and some questions related to my resume. Then he switched to technical questions and asked me these questions:

  1. Considering OOPS concepts, what would you prefer- “IS-A or HAS-A” relationship?
  2. How do you achieve synchronization in Java?
  3.  Explain the heapsort algorithm.
  4. If I give you two options to either take a fixed sum of money or increasing sum in a geometric progression which one will you choose? A mathematical explanation must support the answer.
  5. If we have ten bags with 100 coins each in which all coins weigh 10 gm except one bag which has coins of 11gms how will you find that bag? You have one weighing machine which you can use only once.
  6. What are deadlocks? How to avoid them?
  7. Explain ACID properties with examples

Round 4- HR Interview

After the technical round I was called for HR interview. The interviewer asked me for my introduction. After a brief introduction, he gave me some puzzles to solve.

  1. Given some birds and trees- if two birds were placed on each tree, one tree is left; else if one bird sat on each tree, one bird is left. Find the number of birds and trees.
  2. We have a bag of marbles, and there is a 100 storey building. When we drop the marble from the kth floor, it breaks such that from 0 to k-1th floor the marble does not break and from k to 100th floor, the marble will break. Once a marble has been dropped, it can’t be retrieved. What will the maximum number of marbles required to identify that floor?

Also, the interviewer gave me some hypothetical situations such as, what will you do if your team is against your decision, will you stick to your choice or work as per the team. Finally, he asked if I had some questions. I asked a few questions and then left.

I gave my best performance in all the rounds. Two hours later results were announced, and I was selected for the job.

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