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Mu sigma personality questions and answers

Mu Sigma personality test paper 2019-2020

Interview Experience of Mu Sigma

Mu Sigma wants people with brains and the ones who can play with numbers…
They have various different rounds for the selection process…

(Their rounds when I appeared for placement were as follows)

1] Aptitude Test: not too simple, not too hard, little tricky…, high cutoff…
try practicing maths and analytic questions fast and accurate. core knowledge is rarely required.

2] Case Study: A particular case will be given, along with data.., and on the facts, questions are asked..: a proper analyzing task…

3] Video Synthesis: A video clip from any movie (mostly Hollywood movies!) is shown. you have to write what you understood from that clip and not the description of it! (for me, a clip of Pursuit Of Happiness was shown!)

4] Group Discussion: It’s a general round to see that the kid is not really dumb! Talking and listening skills are seen obviously.. just get noticed, analyze the topic, speak effectively, and go pass the round!

5] Personal Interview: It’s an important one. the mu sigma people will ask you a lot of things, ranging from: about you, describe yourself, your academics, mathematics, puzzles, quizzes, situation, analogies, experiences in life, statistics, etc, etc…

6] HR Round: It’s just a formality before you get selected. they just want to know your smartness level, how you can tackle different situations and some little personal questions

one more thing: throughout your process,, show them that you are worth something, you are desperate to crunch big numbers and you love analyzing.., prove them that you are interested and willing to work for them…

so just speak freely, have confidence, smile, enjoy and tackle the obstacles, and GET SELECTED !!! B-)


Personality Test

Personality Test

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