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How to clear mPHASIS SVAR Test

This post will cover everything that you need to know for the SVAR test of mPhasis, this test is used by many call center companies and IT companies to check your speaking abilities. Since, in case of IT companies(mPhasis) you will have to speak to on shore clients in US/UK/else where to understand their requirements and needs infact 30-40% of your day in IT company will be spent on speaking to the client via skype or email. Incase of Call center you need to speak to customers directly over call and 80% of your work will be on calls.

So, to test your reading, speaking and writing abilities this test is conducted.

SVAR – which loosely means words and voice in hindi which evaluates the candidate on the following capabilities, mPhasis will take your SVAR score  and if you score well they will send you to the next round –

  1. Reading
  2. Fluency
  3. Speaking
  4. Grammar
  5. Vocabulary

It is a telephone based test, which you can also attend by home or in case of on campus placements connect a headphone and make a call to the number that they give you via computer.

  • Step 1 – Make call to the number that is provided to you.
  • Duration of the test will be – 20 mins
  • No of Questions – 45 Questions
  • Step 2 – IVR will be prompted, state your Name,  ID given to you before the test and then using the phone digits enter your ID again
  • Step 3 – Test will now start

Note – Make sure that you have alteast 50Rs balance before calling the number(If you are taking the test at home). The number is not toll free and the call ending may result in test status as not completed.

Check List before making the call

  • More than 50Rs balance in phone.
  • Proper Network(Avoid making calls with JIO), though number of re-attempts allowed for the test are 2, in case of call failures.
  • Speak where there is no background noise and disturbance in a closed room preferably.
  • Use earphones or headphones with working microphone(test this before hand), to be able to hear what IVR says
  • Note down Your  ID, PARSE KEY (given to you by your test centre), SVAR ID, TEST ID in a notepad.You need to type these on your mobile’s keypad for verification.
  • A pen or pencil to write something

Main Topics of SVAR Test –

  1. A busy market scene
  2. Flood
  3. Children’s Playground
  4. Hospital

There are six sub modules in the test which are the following –

Module 1(Reading)

  1. Before making the call they will give you a list of 12 sentences
  2. These sentences will be mailed to your email ID that you used to register for the test
  3. There will be beeps in the test
  4. After every beep(Cue) you need to recite the 1 sentence and then wait for the next beep sound
  5. Always speak in normal conversational speed for reading sentence
  6. Avoid wrong pronunciation of words, try reciting sentences to a person who is good in English and take Feedback
  7. Avoid your breathing voice to be heard over call, make sure microphone is a little far from mouth.
  8. Don’t every stammer

Module 2(Listening)

  1. The IVR will recite you 10 sentences on after the another
  2. You need to hear those sentences properly and and recite them back to the IVR and then wait for next sentence to be recited by IVR and do this again 10 times.
  3. IVR means – Interactive voice response
  4. You will only get 1 chance to hear the sentence and it will not be repeated again.
  5. Make sure that there is no background noise to hinder your listening skills
  6. The length of the sentence will be long like – Jackson was a little perpetual after he gave the test and was psychologically not well since he feared in apathy of not doing well in the online test paper attended by him.

Module 3(Listening Deductions)

  1. You will hear a conversation between to people for about 2 mins and 30 seconds
  2. After the conversation in the IVR has ended, the IVR will ask you 5-10 questions
  3. These questions will be based on the conversation you just heard
  4. Most asked conversation is a lady speaking to customer service support representative about her order refund
  5. Make sure that you have a pen and paper to jot down to most important points like order number, reason of refund etc etc
  6. For IT company the call may be between client and manager about new project start date, technology used, team size, delivery date etc
  7. Sample question can be what was the order number and refund reason the test

Module 4(Grammar)

  1. In this section you will hear a question and 4 options
  2. This will be a MCQ type question
  3. You may have to answer the questions based on jumbled sentence order, fill in the blanks etc
  4. You will only hear the options once so make sure that you hear them properly

Module 5(Error Identification)

  1. In this section you will be a sentences by IVR
  2. You have to find out the error in the sentences that are spoken by the IVR
  3. Most questions will be on wrong very or wrong third form used like (has instead of had, cutted instead of cut etc)
  4. Make sure that you hear the sentence from grammar nazi perspective.

Module 6(Speaking)

  1. IVR will speak a topic name
  2. It will give you instruction that you have to wait for 30 secs, this time is intentionally given to the user to think
  3. After 30 seconds are over you will hear a beep voice.
  4. Post which you have to speak again for next 45 seconds on the topic that was given by you.

 SVAR TEST Pattern and Facts

AMCAT SVAR Test ModuleNo. of Ques(Approx)Time(mins)Difficulty
Listening Deductions5 – 108Medium
Grammar5 – 66Medium
Error Identification5 – 66High

Most Important

Never cut the call yourself after the test, wait for IVR to auto disconnect the call, because if you cut the call yourself, your test may show not complete error.

These are the information regarding the test –

  • SVAR Survey: 97% engineers in India cannot speak English required for jobs in corporate sales/business consulting.
  • National Spoken English Skills report, Engineers 2015-16 , based on SVAR, India’s largest Spoken English Test.
  • Around 3/4th engineers do not have spoken English skills required for any job in knowledge economy.
  • Around 61% engineers possess grammar skills no better than a class VII student.
  • Females score over males in written English while males show better Spoken element.
  • Not more than 7.1% engineers can speak English with fluency that renders speech meaningful.
  • Pronunciation and fluency are the major barriers in effective Spoken English.

This is how the PDF send by them before the test will look like –

Svar Test by AMCAT sample pdf


SVAR enables automated evaluation of fluency, pronunciation, listening and comprehension of English language with consistency and accuracy.


The importance of English communication for jobs in the knowledge economy cannot be overrated. Any job involving customer interaction, be it in sales, customer service or the hospitality industry, requires both comprehension of spoken English and the ability to speak in English in a neutral accent. Even in jobs such as software development or analytics, there are multiple client interactions in the project life-cycle which require spoken English skills. Additionally, there is substantial evidence that spoken English skills lead to better employment outcomes, wages and growth. There is a huge need of being able to evaluate English accurately, in an automated way and remotely as well.

Our Solution

SVAR uses advanced speech recognition and machine learning algorithms to accurately gauge the quality of speech in various accents against a neutral accent. It contains sections where the candidate has to respond based on the dialogue s/he hears, repeat or read in English and also speak extempore (spontaneous speech). The tool provides a holistic score based on the CEFR standard, but also gives out individual scores on pronunciation, fluency, active listening, spoken English understanding, grammar and vocabulary. All these scores are based on a rubric and benchmarked against experts. Additionally, the SVAR report also provides job recommendations based on the scores: for what roles is the candidate hireable or trainable. This makes SVAR the most comprehensive tool to measure English listening, comprehending and speaking skills. SVAR’s advanced algorithms provide a score which mimic the expert scores with an agreement around 0. 95 (Pearson coefficient of correlation). It has been benchmarked with natives of multiple countries including India, Philippines, the Middle East and Americas. Our research team has capabilities to benchmark the tool fast for new geographies, new roles and requirements. SVAR has been used in the recruitment funnel for customer service and sales roles. It has helped companies improve recruitment efficiency by over 35% and reduce voice evaluation costs by 55%. SVAR when used on large scale can increase your sourcing reach exponentially. SVAR is often used together Logical Ability and personality assessment in the call centre industry, providing performance improvements, on average, by 1.4-1.6 times. SVAR can be delivered using a computer or over a voice connection. Benchmarked extensively to work on mobile phone bit rates, the tool maintains its accuracy even while being delivered over a land line or a mobile connection. This helps use the tool remotely for evaluation. SVAR ensures integrity and capability to auto proctor by its advanced voice signature feature. At any time in the future, it can be verified if the candidate actually took the test on his or her own.

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