MindTree On Campus Interview Experience WeCP Based for Freshers

Name: Gautam Ghosh

Branch: Mechanical

College: Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Chennai

Type of Interview: On-Campus

For the MindTree exam, this was my second try because I couldn’t get through on my first try. Last time when I had appeared for it it was on Amcat Basis, but this time they changed it to WeCP. I was very nervous because I didn’t know the difficulty level for this term so I started preparing a month before. I got all my preparation done from various websites, but one that stayed with me was prepInsta because their study material was easy to understand and nicely explained.

Student Interview Experience

So for this term, they had given four rounds, 2 test papers and 2 interview rounds.

Round 1 – Online Exam

Round 1 was a basic written test like all other exam. The only difference was in the coding section where they had not given any CMCQ and only huge coding questions.

1. Coding – 

The coding section was divided into 3 sections again:

  • Implementation
  • DS / Algo
  • Advanced Algo

All the three sections had either 2 or 3 questions with varying difficulties.

2. Numerical Ability – the quants section was a simple numerical section with questions from common topics like:

  • hcf and lcm,
  • mensuration,
  • statistics,
  • ratio and proportion,
  • percentages etc.

It was comparatively easy to attempt than coding.

3. Logical Reasoning – the logical reasoning section was little difficult because the question quality was good and was tricky too. Some questions from

  • Coding Decoding,
  • Seating Arrangement
  • Blood Relations and
  • Puzzle were more difficult.

4. Verbal Ability – The verbal section was easier than other sections but the reading comprehension was a little on the tougher side, rest all others were easy. Some of the topics were:

  • Articles
  • Preposition an Conjnction
  • Sentence Improvement
  • Sentence Correction
  • Reading Comprehension

Details of ROUND 1:

ROUND 1No. of questions in test Time
Coding685 minutes (this is my time that I took)
Numerical Ability1515-18 minutes (in the total time, i took this time)
Logical Reasoning1512-15 minutes (my time)
Verbal108-10 minutes ( approx my time)
Total46120 minutes

Round 2: English Round

Round 2 concentrated more on English and was a new round that was introduced this time. This round took a closer test of your English speaking skills. It was difficult for me to attempt because I got nervous as this was new.

According to me this round was slightly more difficult. However, the total number of questions for this round would be around 65-70 questions. They were audio questions, written grammar questions and speaking questions too.

Once, I received mail that passed the two rounds which were both elimination rounds, I was now up for the interview rounds. First the technical and then HR Round.


Round 3 – Technical Round

Because of the pandemic, even the interviews were taken on zoom calls.

My interview was scheduled at 11 in the morning. When I joined the call, the head was looking at my resume and asked me to introduce myself. As I did that, they started with the questions and enquired about my certificates.

  1. Will the actions occurring in the two terminals be treated as two processes or two threads?
  2. What if we create a cpp file in our system, then open two terminals and simultaneously run the same file on both the systems, what will happen? Will there be a deadlock?
  3. Questions based on my Internship project (Software on which I worked)
  4. I was given a code

There were some more questions but I don’t completely remember them.

Tip for the Technical Round:

  • Know your resume well
  • Get certifications done from a well known and reputed platforms
  • Understand and analyze your projects very well
  • Have deeper knowledge of the languages written in the resume
  • Do not lie on the resume


Round 4: HR Round

I was not very nervous for this round, because my Technical Round went comparatively good than what I had thought. My HR was very cordial and interacted with me too. He asked me about my family, my hobbies and how I wanted to grow with the company.

There were general HR questions like:

1. What keeps you motivated?

Answer – For me, my family and my aim to grow and support my family in difficult times motivates me to work harder every day and gain experience to do better in life.

2. How do you cope up with your failures?

Answer – For me, failures are just lessons that is very important to be learn in life. I don’t take failures as my drawbacks but use them as a ladder to accomplish something with better efficiency. I work around my failures to turn them into success.

3. Who are you closer to in your family and why?

Answer – in my family, I am closer to my grandparents. They have taught me so many things from being humble, kind and generous to how to live a stress free life and why it is important. They have taught e the importance of having your elder ones around and I miss them so much when the go away for some days to my cousins place.

4. Why did you choose MindTree?

Answer – MindTree has been my dream company from the time I started my engineering. I knew I wanted to start my career off with MindTree because of its good work, good name and also great initiative at providing good working environment to the employees.

And then we discussed salary, I was excited because that meant that I would be selected.

The interview got over in 25-30 minutes and then I was asked to wait for some days for the mail. I received it after a few days and I was selected.