MindTree On Campus Interview Experience For Freshers – WeCP

Name: Ayush Sabriwal

Branch: CSE

College: Academy of Technology, Kolkata

Type of Interview: On-Campus

MindTree announced that it has started hiring during the pandemic and it was a great relief. The time of the hiring was between September 20 to Jan 21. For this hiring they took an online exam which had 4 sections in total and 4 rounds including the interview as well.

Format of MindTree Test and Interview:

MindTree Test FormatInstruction
Rounds of test
Sections Per Round4
Total time120 minutes + 45 minutes
Negative MarkingNo
Type of TestNon – adaptive

So this was the entire overview of our exam. Along with this we were given a few instructions regarding how the test will be conducted. 

  1. We were monitored via webcam
  2. A specific mbps speed of internet was needed
  3. Minimum movement
  4. We were asked to install a launcher that they had provided in the mail

Written Test – Round 1:

  • Coding
    • 6/8 questions
  • Verbal 
    • 10 questions
  • Logical Ability
    • 15 questions
  • Numerical Ability
    • 15 questions

Overview of the sections:

  1. Coding Section – with MindTree changing its platform from Amcat to WeCP, it has also changed its coding pattern. It is somewhat confusing and difficult to solve too.

          The coding section was divided into 3 sub parts:

  1. Implementation – the questions were considerably easier than other sections. Also I attempted only 1 question from here as was instructed
  2. DS / Algo – this section was also medium in difficulty. I attempted 2 questions from here
  3. Advanced Algo – this was difficult and I could attempt only three fourth of a question because it was taking too much time.

I think they don’t have any fixed number of questions to attempt, they provide instructions before you start attempting it and then you can continue with the test as instructed.

  1. Numerical Ability – this was a general Aptitude section like others. It has 15 questions which you can take 15 minutes to solve.
  2. Logical Reasoning – Another general section that included 15 questions for which you might need 15 minutes and not more. Save your time for the coding section
  3. Verbal – Another English specific section that rounded off with 10 questions which might not take more than 10 minutes.

Once the exam was over, I was praying to pass because I thought my coding section didn’t go well. But fortunately I passed and now had to score good in the second round of test which was English Round

Round 2 – English Speaking and grammar Round

According to me this round was very easy to score and very interesting too. We were given some grammar based questions, some listening and speaking questions, a few on the spot topic essay kind of questions and comprehension too.

  • I don’t remember the exact questions but the grammar questions were from articles, prepositions, synonyms, and more of fill in the blanks questions.
  • The audio comprehension was small passages with a few easy questions.
  • Listening and speaking again was quite easy. They give you sentences and you have to read and speak or repeat after they speak
  • One minute topics would be easy too. I got to speak on Politics in India and two other topics which I don’t clearly remember.

Technical Interview

This was the third round in the ongoing selection process. The call was held online during afternoon. I joined the call and it started with my introduction.

Then we moved towards some technical questions that were related to my certificates and courses mentioned in the resume. The technical questions also included a puzzle question and a small coding question too. I was quite quick at answering because coding is my strong point

  1. What is the subnet for a class C network?
  2. What Is The Difference Between A Verilog Task And A Verilog Function?
  3. What is the difference between DELETE and TRUNCATE statements?
  4. What is exception handling?

And then there was also a puzzle question based on Bridges. I do not remember the exact question, bt one similar to that was available on PrepInsta’s website which I am noting down below.


A bridge will collapse in 17 minutes.
4 people want to cross it before it will collapse. It is a dark night and there is only one torch between them.
Only two people can cross at a time.
“A” takes a minute to cross.
“B” takes 2 minutes.
“C” takes 5
and “D” takes 10 minutes
How do they all cross before the bridge collapses?

Check the Answer here!

HR Round.

To be very honest, I was a little too over confident for the HR Round because I thought that it will be a simple interactive session. But guess what, it wasn’t. The HR seemed to be very intimidating and he did not smile for the first five minutes. I got scared and started to sweat badly. But with some questions, he gradually settled in for a smile and I eased myself. He then started off with basic personal questions like asking about my hobbies, my interests and my family.

Some of the questions that I remember from the interview are:

  1. What do you know about MindTree?
  2. Give an instance of how you led a team or successfully completed a project.
  3. Are you willing to pursue higher studies or keep working?
  4. How do you analyze self improvement?

After a series of questions and answers, he asked me if I wanted to ask anything. I asked him what made him change his mood at the start of the meeting and he smiled and answered that it is way to test a student’s attitude. He caught me off-guard and then smiled.

After this, he asked me to hang up. It was a great session, I loved this interview and then I was eagerly waiting for a mail which I received after three days. It was my first selection mail.