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MindTree Interview Experience For WeCP Pattern – 2021

Name: Abhijeet Kumar

Branch: Mechanical

College:  HMR College of Technology and Management, Chennai

Type of Interview: Off-Campus

I sat for MindTree in March’21. It started with a pre-placement discussion where all different forms of question response rounds were available for us. This session came to a close with a nice address from one of the company’s HR representatives, who spoke about the company’s projects, work culture, and everything else.

Student Interview Experience

Recently MindTree has changed its pattern and changed its platform to WeCP for both off and on campus. I sat for MindTree not from my campus. I was confused about the pattern and landed to . It helped me a lot, and the pattern was the same as said by them.

There are 4 rounds for this campus drive including interviews. 

Online Test120 minutes combinedWeCP
English Language Test45 minutes combinedWeCP
Technical InterviewDependsOnline Video Platform
HR InterviewTentativeOnline Video Calling Platform

Round 1: Written Aptitude Exam

For the online Test, there are 4 sections. The platform used was WeCP and there was around 120 minutes in total. The sections are:

  • Aptitude – 15 qs for 15 minutes. If you are good and well versed with the quants part, it’s easy.
  • Logical – 15 qs for 15 minutes. Medium to high level qs were there in the logical part. Most of the qs were from the puzzle part.
  • Verbal – 10 qs for 10 minutes.
  • Coding – There were 6 qs in my paper. But I heard from many of my friends that there were even 8 qs in some papers. So consider it within 6-8 qs for the coding part. The difficulty of the qs are from medium to high. Try to pass at least more than 50% of the test cases.

The qs that were there on my paper from coding sections are:

1. Print the following pattern:






2. Write a program to remove all the vowels from a string using the concept of pointers.

3. A qs was there to find the hamming distance.

In this round, I found the coding section to be a bit tough. Though I passed and sat for Round 2.


Round 2 – English Language Test ( Platform WeCP, Time – 45 minutes)

There were 4 sections for this round. 

  • Speaking
  • Topic Speaking
  •  34 questions from the grammar part.
  • Audio Comprehension

If you are good in the English part, and good in the vocabulary part, this round is easy to crack. No need to worry!

The main skills that they try to test in this section are:

  1. Vocabulary – how many words you know and correct usage of grammar
  2. Fluency – How well you can speak or interact with the other person.
  3. Clarity – The clarity of your tone and accent while speaking
  4. Listening power – How easily can you grab the words and understand the context

After 2 days, I received a mail for the technical interview prior to 24 hrs of this one.


Round 3 – Technical Interview –

This round was for 40 minutes in total. To be honest, I was unable to answer all the questions in the round and fumbled a lot.

The questions that were asked :

  1. Why do you want to join this company?
  2. How can you pass data from one JSP to another JSP?
  3. Define ABAP query and why is it used?
  4. Can we declare a static function as virtual?
  5. What is memory management?
  6. Define BCNF with an example.
  7. Does Java support multiple inheritance? Justify your answer.

I could answer the last 2 qs easily, but for the other qs I fumbled a lot and understood the interviewer was not all happy with my answer. I was not able to make up to the mark for this interview and got rejected from this round itself.

All I will suggest is that, try to cover the advanced level of the subjects you are including on your CV. I mentioned Java, but was not very clear with the advanced Java part, and thus faced a lot of difficulties.

Status – Rejected