MindTree Referral Drive Interview Experience

Student Interview

One of my cousins was working with MindTree when I was in the final semester of engineering. He suggested me to apply for MindTree off-campus drive with an employee referral. So, I forwarded my updated resume to him, and he then uploaded it on company’s intranet and referred me for the job of a software engineer. Luckily, my resume got shortlisted, and I was called for the written test at MindTree campus.

Round 1- Written Test .

The quantitative test had mathematics questions on percentage, profit and loss, time, work and distance, arithmetics, permutation and combination, and probability.

This test had questions on grammar, synonyms, antonyms, sentence correction, and completion.

The logical ability test had coding and decoding, seating arrangements, blood relations, and puzzle related questions.

The adaptive methodology is implemented in MindTree written test in which with every incorrect answer the difficulty level of the paper gets reduced and with every correct answer the difficulty level gets increased. Therefore, overall the difficulty of the paper increases. Also, there is sectional cut-off which needs to be cleared for selection. Fortunately, I cleared all the sectional cut-offs and was therefore selected for programming test round.

Round 2-Coding

In the programming test I had to write a C program for the following questions:

  1. Print a given matrix in spiral form.
  2. Pattern Printing

I completed pattern printing with all test cases; however, the matrix question was partially completed. Nevertheless, I was selected for the technical interview round.

Round 3-Technical Interviews

The TR was a beautiful looking woman. She was going through my resume when I entered her the cabin. She smiled at me and greeted me Good Morning. I greeted her back.

Interviewer: Hello Venkata. How are you today?

Me: Hello Ma’am. I am very well. Thank you.

Interviewer: So Venkata, would you like to introduce yourself.

Me: Sure Ma’am. I introduced my name, my city, my family background, educational qualifications, and hobbies and interests.

Interviewer: You are from ECE background, why do you want to work as a software developer? Why don’t you work in core electronics industry?

Me: I told her that programming has always been my strength, and therefore, I want to pursue it as my career.

Interviewer: Okay. So write a program to reverse a string.
Me: I wrote the program.

She then gave other coding questions:

  1. Write Fibonacci series.
  2. Write a program to find string length.

I was able to write code for each of the question. She was pleased with my answers. She then asked some questions on pointers, data structures, sorting, etc. I was able to answer most of the questions, but not all. Nonetheless, I was selected for the HR round.

Round 4-HR Interview

HR round was simple. The interviewer asked me questions related to my personal life, goals and dreams, strengths and weaknesses, and hobbies. When I said playing cricket is my hobby, the interviewer asked me various questions related to it:

  1. Do you know which cricket tournament is going on currently?
  2. Who is your favorite player and why?
  3. What is the highest score made by your favorite player?
  4. What is India’s current ICC test ranking?

I did not know the answers to all the questions, but I managed to answer some questions correctly. After that, the interviewer discussed the salary details, joining location, training, and timings. I agreed to all the conditions. The interviewer asked me if I had any questions. I asked him one or two questions. Then we shook hands, and I left the office.

Two weeks letter I received a mail informing that I have been selected for the job of a software engineer. Immediately I called my cousin and thanked him for his referral.