MindTree Interview Experience via eLitmus

  • Name: Akash Pariyar
  • Branch: Computer Science
  • College: Nalanda Institute of Technology 
  • Type of Interview: Off-Campus (eLitmus) 

Student Interview

To enter into the company of my choice (Mindtree), my friend suggested me to opt for the Elitmus test. He insisted me saying that this is a national level assessment and recruitment body that conducts one of the best algorithm exams to test your knowledge. The Elitmus pH test paper contains three sections in which each section accommodates 20 questions.

Section Name

No. of Questions


Topics Covered

Quantitative Ability



Number Systems, Averages, Percentage & Interest, Time, Speed & Distance, Geometry, Coordinate Geometry, Logarithms, Quadratic Equations, Probability, Permutation & Combination, Few Miscellaneous Questions

Problem-solving Ability



Data Tabulation based Questions, crypt arithmetic Problem, Arrangement Based Problems, Bar Graphs/Pie Charts, Few Miscellaneous Questions

Verbal Ability



Questions Related To Grammatical Concepts, Paragraph Based Questions, Fill In The Blanks, Reading Comprehension




The total time given to complete the test was 2 hours.

I was aware that pH test strictly follows negative marking scheme, so I did not answer the questions I was not sure of. And finally, it was a right decision to not opt for all the questions as I scored a decent percentile to be eligible for Mindtree. The second round was the coding round. Although it was the second stage for me but for the company, it is the first level of interview.

Round 2 – Coding

In this round, I knew it has to be about all the programming and coding questions. I prepared for the commonly covered topics for this round that I found on PrepInsta. There were two questions to perform, and they were:

  • Find that the array is palindrome or not
  • Input five numbers in an array and find out Pythagorean triplets within them and get it printed.

We were also asked to compile and run the program successfully after completing it. I solved the questions as per the given instructions. Although, the round was not an elimination round, I was nervous about the upcoming levels.

Round 3 – Technical

For this round, I brushed up my basics in C programming language. Knowing that they are likely to ask maximum questions from the C language, I prepared for all possible questions to be asked in this round. However, the actual case was a bit different. They asked me questions on Java, Database Management Systems, Computer Network, and also C language.

Some of the questions asked to me were:

  • What is computer programming principle?
  • What do you mean by Runtime Errors?
  • Tell me your favorite subject in engineer and why?
  • Explain serialization and overriding.

Overall the round didn’t end up well. I was less confident about some questions but tried to answer all those that came to me.

Round 4 – HR

I was eagerly waiting for this round. It is always good to experience an array of the unexpected line of questions and to strive to answer each one of them with confidence. After the greetings, he brought me with the list of questions. Some of those were:

  • Tell me something about yourself.
  • What has been your biggest regret and achievement till date?
  • Mention any three strengths.
  • What does success mean to you? Why do you want to join Mindtree?

While coming to the end of the interview, he casually put that, “are you comfortable with relocation?” to which I gave a positive response. For me, the opportunity was important and not the comfort of location. I finally got selected in the interview. As per my experience, basic subject knowledge, good communication skills, and the acceptance of their conditions can increase the chances of getting selected.

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