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All Previous year Questions asked in Mettl Aptitude Section Question, Mettle Quants Questions with answers PDF Download and Syllabus, Mettl Aptitude Questions PDF, Mettl Aptitude Test.

Mettl Aptitude Test Papers

Mettl Aptitude Questions with Solutions Part 1

Mettl Quantitative Aptitude Questions and Paper

Mettl Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus and Pattern Analysis

The Syllabus for Aptitude section or Quants Section

Mettl Aptitude Test based Pattern

Here you will find the Aptitude Test Pattern for Mettl Test

Mettl Aptitude Test TopicNo. Of QuestionsDifficultyImportanceAvg time to Solve
Numbers3 QuestionsMediumHigh1 mins
Time Speed and Distance2 – 3 QuestionsMediumMedium50 secs
Profit and Loss2 QuestionsMediumMedium1 mins
Pipes and Cisterns2 QuestionsMediumMedium1 mins
Probability2 – 3 QuestionsMediumHigh50 secs
Permutations and Combinations2 – 3 QuestionsMediumHigh1 mins
HCF and LCM2 QuestionsMediumMedium50 secs

Mettl Aptitude Questions Based FAQ’s

Ques. What is the level of difficulty for mettl aptitude questions?

Ans. Mettl Quants Questions are of average difficulty but you should practice questions given on our website.

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