LTI Recruitment Process 2019

LTI Recruitment Process 2019


LTI hires many students from all over the India. There Hiring pattern is different from other companies. They use thier own portal for conducting tests.

LTI conducts on-campus drives in particular colleges and also they mass recruiting from campuses. so you can prepare hard for the recruitment process.

LTI have very easy and smooth Recruitment process. Just prepare from here as per the steps.

LTI Recruitment Process 2018-2019

LTI Recruitment Stages:-

Stage 1 – The stage 1 of recruitment process consists of Aptitude test + Technical Test. This stages is mostly an elmination round . Most of the competion is found in this stage.

Stage 2 – Group Disscussion – Your Personality and Speaking skills are tested here mainly . Just be confident and speak unique point. Don’t speak rubbish. They don’t elminate here much if you speak up some good points and convince them.

Stage 3 –  Paragraph writing , They check your writing skills. 

Stage 4 – Technical Interview- They don’t ask deep questions. They ask just basic questions about c,c++ ,java and dbms.

Stage 5 – HR Interview – It is very easy round of the whole Interview process . Just prepare all basic questions about  yourself.

LTI Recruits for following profiles :- 

  1. Testing QA
  2. Analytics & Information Management
  3. Mobile services
  4. Application Development 
  5. Cloud and IOT
  6. many more…

LTI Recruitment Process :-

1. Online Aptitude + Technical Test   

The Online Test is conducted by the LTI Own portal. There is Aptitude,Verbal,Logical and Computer Programming section. you can study from Preinsta all the materials are provided. 

For more details you can visit here – LTI Online Written Test

2. Group Discussion   

LTI is hiring at various campuses all over India. The integral part of LTI campus recruitment process is Group Discussion.

LTI Just check you speaking skill and the confidence level. so, build by practicing.

Some of the Trending topics on which you can focus for LTI:-

  • A Unipolar World spells disaster for underdeveloped countries like India
  • Religion is a private affair.
  • Is Globalization Really Necessary?
  • Should prostitution be legalized in India.
  • 100 days under Modi government.
  •  What shall we do about our ever-increasing Population?
  • We will never be a corruption free society.
  •  Corruption is the price we pay for Democracy.

3.  Paragraph Writing

Some of the highlighted points on which you can focus while writing :-

  • Writing is scored based on content, organization, grammar, vocabulary.
  • Practice writing before the test, Accuracy in grammar and word choice is important and mistakes should not impede comprehension.
  • You can read essays more and more.
  • Don’t write more than needed.

4.  Technical Interview

There Expectations during the technical round:
1. Someone who has an understanding of core subjects/areas of specialization
2. Someone who is able to link and apply process knowledge into automation techniques
3. Project coordinating skills and Industrial process knowledge (related to the projects you have worked on)
4. Good and fluent communication skills
5. Knowledge on latest technologies like Cloud, IIOT, etc. will be an added advantage
Topics you could brush up on:
1. Programming Concepts
-C, OOPS etc.
2. Programing Languages
-C/C++/JAVA/ .net/PHP/HTMLor XML (understanding of basics and programming level forat least simple programs)
3. DBMS & RDBMS Concepts
-Basics of SQL
4. Data Structures
-Linked list, stacks, queues etc.
5. Basics of Operating Systems
-Unix/Linux/Windows, scheduling algorithms
6. Networking Concepts
-LAN / MAN /WAN / OSI Layers
7. Web Concepts
-Architecture of 2 tier or 3 tier Web application
8. General
-Software development life cycle

 5. HR Interview

 The Hr Round is easy to clear, they ask very simple questions:-
  • Why do you want to work for this organisation?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • Are you ok with relocation?
  • What is your long term goal ?

you can prepare  for normal question. They are very chill and you can easily clear the Interview.