Set 8

Student Details:
Name: Rushali Mehta
College: Dayananda Sagar, College of Engineering, Bangalore
Branch: Information Technology
Type of Interview: On-Campus interview
Student interview
My first on-campus interview was with LTI Company. During our last semester, there was a
campus recruitment drive conducted by the LTI Company for the positions of Web
Developer and System Engineer. Me and my friends took some tips from our seniors, who
have already given the LTI interviews. They told us to prepare the aptitude and technical
questions from PrepInsta website. So, we started preparing from PrepInsta, which was very
helpful as the sample questions and answers were given in detail. The selection criteria for
the company was 60% in 10 th and 12 th and no backlogs or any due exams.
Round 1- Written Paper Test
The questions in the paper were in the format given below:

[table id=587 /]

I completed the test with the second highest score and was selected for the next round.
Round 2-Group Discussion
It was a general discussion round. We were divided into two teams, one team had to talk
about the positive points of the topic, and the other team had to talk about the negative. The
topic given to us was, “Software Technology for Accounting Activities.” I was in the group

where I talked about the negative points of the subject. Many students were raising and
shouting during the session. However, I knew that verbal communication is important, but
non-verbal communication plays a major role too. It was enough to crack this round as all the
students were having good knowledge about the topic. In the end, I was little nervous and
thought that I would not make it to the next round. I was on the cloud nine when my name
was called for the next round.
Round 3- Technical Interview
To check my basic knowledge, the interviewer asked me some technical questions such as
 What development tools you have used?
 What languages have you programmed in?
 How utility computing beneficial for a user?
 What professional websites do you follow?
 What do you do to troubleshoot IT issues?
 What is open-source cloud computing?
I could not answer one question but else answered all. I was able to see the positive
discussion between the interviewers and me. And finally, they shortlisted me for the final HR
Round 4- HR Interview
I took a breadth of relief after my name was announced for the last round. It was a very short
and comfortable round. There were two interviewers. They did not ask much, except a small
introduction about myself and my preferences about job location and timings. I was asked to
sit outside for a while, however, after some time they called my name and congratulated me
for the selection in the recruitment programme. I was selected as a System Engineer.