Set 6

Student Details:
Name: Purti Gaur
College: Thiagrajar College of Engineering, Madurai
Branch: Electronics and Communication
Type of interview: On-campus interview
Student Interview
LTI held a recruitment program at our campus in Madurai. I was overwhelmed to hear that
LTI is organizing placement interviews as I always wanted to work in this organization. It
had some eligibility criteria for appearing in the interview; 60% marks or above in 10 th and
12 th and no due or backlogs. Our college professors were very friendly, and we generally look
forward to them for any queries for appearing in the interviews. For more deep practices and
interview experiences he suggested us to see PrepInsta website. I went through PrepInsta and
solved most of the practice papers and referred some of the interview experiences shared by
some students.
Round 1- Written Exam Criteria
In the written exam, we were given the timing of 120 minutes to solve the entire paper.

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I was able to attempt most of the questions correctly in the given time. So, I scored well and
got shortlisted for the next round.
Round 2- Group Discussion
I was quite enthusiastic about this round. We were given a topic, “Email notifications are
essential or not.” I made sure that I will speak in favor of it. I proved my relevancy, and
without being loud, I caught the attention of the interviewer with my gestures and way of

Round 3- Technical Interview
I made it to the 3 rd round. The questions asked to me were:
 Name some kinds of cables used for transmission.
 What is a slip in an induction motor?
 Explain the application of storage batteries.
 Why are AC systems preferred over DC systems?
 What is Modulation? Name its types.
 What is crosstalk?
 State the sampling theorem
I was little nervous because I answered two questions wrong. Although, I gave my rationale
to the interviewer that I did not brush up some of the topics. He laughed and asked me to wait
outside. I was really anxious about the result. Few minutes later, one lady came to me and
said congratulation you are shortlisted for the next round. I breathed a sigh of relief.
Round 4 – HR Interview
It was an easy round to go through as HR was very sweet and friendly to communicate. She
asked me some questions like:
 Explain yourself in three sentences.
 Why you think that we will select you for the job?
 What are your future plans?
 What do you know about the company?
 Are you comfortable in relocation?
I answered all her questions. She told me to wait outside. Few minutes later she came outside
with a list of students who were selected. I was delighted when she announced my name. I
was selected for the profile of “Electronic Engineer.”