Set 4

Student Details:
Name: Vishal Deshpande
College: B.M.S. College of Engineering, Bangalore
Branch: Electronics and Communication
Type of interview: On-Campus Interview
Student Interview
There was a campus recruitment drive conducted by LTI in our college campus. My friends
and I asked for some help from our seniors, and they recommended us the PrepInsta site to
prepare for the interview. Our professor informed us about the interview criteria and asked us
to prepare for the same.
The eligibility criteria included; 60% marks in 10 th and 12 th standard, no study gap between
12th and 10th or in between semesters of graduation, and no backlogs.
There were four rounds in the interview process which includes; Written Test, Group
discussion, Technical Interview, and HR Interview.
Round 1- Written Test
For the written round I referred study material offered by PrepInsta, and it was of great help.
The written test was of 2 hours with the following question pattern:

[table id=581 /]

Round 2- Group Discussion

I successfully cleared the first round and the second round was GD. The topic of GD was
“WhatsApp and Facebook have killed creativity.” The topic of GD was very interesting and
easy. I was asked to speak in favor of the topic, and my communication skills impressed the
interview committee, and I easily cleared the second round.
Round 3- Technical Interview
The standard of the questions was moderate in the Technical round. The questions that
interviewer asked me were:
1. Explain Op-amp?
2. What is a transistor?
3. Different examples of negative and positive feedbacks.
4. What is full duplex and half duplex?
5. Explain the Barkhausen Criteria.
However, I could not answer the last question asked rest I answered all the questions
correctly. I was happy with my performance. I got selected for the fourth and the final HR
interview round.
Round 4- HR Interview
In the HR interview round, the HR asked me to say something about my personal and college
life. He asked me my future plans and my goals. He also asked me if I would have any
problem if they put me to some other city to which I said I have no problem in shifting to any
other city. Then he described his company and gave me little knowledge about the company
and its rules and regulations. He asked me if I still have any query. I said no, and he asked me
to leave the room. I was quite satisfied with my performance in all the rounds.
After two hours he called me back to the room and congratulated me as I got the job offer. I
felt on the top of the world as I eagerly wanted to join LIT.