Set 3

Student Details
Name: Monisha Bhalla
College: MNIT, Jaipur
Branch: Electrical Engineering
Type of interview: On-Campus Interview
Student Interview
Last year, LIT visited our college for pool campus drive. Our professors asked us to prepare for
the interview. I was delighted as I desperately wanted to work with LIT. Our professors informed
us about the eligibility criteria and told us to prepare from PrepInsta website. The eligibility
criteria included:
1) 60% marks in 10 th and 12 th grade were mandatory.
2) Candidates with pending backlogs were strictly not allowed
Round 1- Written Test
Our professor informed us that in the written round we would get 120 minutes to complete the
test, and there will be no negative marking for the wrong answer. The written test had questions
on the following sections:

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Round 2- Group Discussion
Many students cleared the first round, and I was one of them. The second round consists of
Group Discussion. We were given a topic which was “Should National Anthem Be Played in the
Cinema Halls?” The topic was very good as I made a strong point and the interviewers were very
happy with my performance. And I cleared the round without much difficulty.
Round 3- Technical Interview
I was very nervous about the technical round as I had no idea what type of question will be
asked. The few technical questions the interviewer asked to me were:
1. Difference between generator and alternator?
2. Why is AC system preferred over DC system?
3. Various types of cables are used for transmission?
4. What is a slip in an induction motor?
I confidently answered all the questions as I knew all of them. I cleared the third round, and I
was selected for the HR interview round.
Round 4- HR Interview
The HR interview was the final round, and I was only one step away from my dream job. In this
round, the HR asked me the questions related to my family, my hobbies and what I am good at.

He also asked me my queries about the company and its working environment. I asked my doubt
to which he patiently answered. Then I left the room with the confidence that I will get selected.
Finally, when the HR round was completed for all the candidates, the interviewer called all those
candidates who were selected for the job, and my name was on the top.
I was very happy as my dream came true and PrepInsta helped me a lot in achieving it.