Set 2

Student Details:
Name: Anvesha Chauhan
College: VIT, Chennai
Branch: Information Technology
Type of interview: On-Campus Interview
Student Interview
I am currently working as the Senior Java Developer at LTI Mumbai. LTI conducted a pool
campus recruitment drive in our college in October 2016 for the post of a Java Developer.
The pool campus drive was organized for two days. On the first day, it was the Written
Round and the Group Discussion Round. I heard from my seniors that the written test round
of LTI is quite difficult. Therefore, they suggested to prepare from PrepInsta for the drive.
Written Test
On the day of the paper, more than 350 students applied for the LTI drive. The paper began
sharply at 9:00 am. There were multiple sections in the paper such as Quants, Verbal, LRDI,
Coding, SQL Query, Paragraph Writing, and Psychometric Test. The difficulty level of all
the sections was moderate. In the coding section, there were two codes, one was of a
moderate difficulty level, and the other was of a high difficulty level.
Since the difficulty level of the paper was moderate, therefore the cut-off was high. Only 55
students (including me) were able to clear the cut-off.
Group Discussion
For the GD they divided us into the group of 10. Our topic was “Patriarchal Society.” The
interviewers were noticing the confidence and the communication skills of all the students.
The interviewers seemed quite impressed with my statements, so I had confidence that I have
cleared this round.
Technical Interview
The TR and the HR rounds were scheduled for the next day. All of us were asked to dress in
formals and had to carry one copy of our resumes. The Technical Round was the toughest of
all. They asked to write the logic for bubble sort and Fibonacci series. Later, they asked me
some questions related to the basics of Java and JavaScript. Later, they asked me a few
questions on Pointers and Arrays. He gave me some 20-25 pseudocodes and asked me to
solve them in 15 minutes. I solved almost 17-18 of them. Later they asked me a few
questions related to my final year project. I answered all the questions of the interviewer
with confidence.

HR Interview
The HR was very polite. As I stepped in, she asked me to introduce myself and asked for my
resume. She glanced at my resume, and then asked me the mandatory questions,
 Why I wanted to join LTI?
 What makes me apart from the other candidates?
 How will I be an asset to the company?
 Where do I see myself in the next 5 years?
The results were announced by 8:00 in the evening, and I took a sigh of relief, as I cracked
my interview in the 1 st attempt. That was the best day of my life.