Set 1

Student Details:
Name: Shivam Dixit
College: NIT, Warangal
Branch: Computer Science
Type of interview: On-Campus Interview
Student Interview
During our last semester, LTI visited our Campus for recruitment. There was a specific
selection criterion for the company which includes four rounds. I already knew about the
company and its high standards of selection; I started preparing for the interview from the
PrepInsta website. The interview included the following eligibility criteria:
1) A candidate must hold 60% marks in both 10 th and 12 th standard.
2) There should be no study gap between HSC and SSC.
3) There should be no pending backlogs.
4) The interview includes the following four rounds:
1. Written Exam
2. Group Discussion
3. Technical Interview
4. HR Interview
Round 1- Written Test
The written test was of 2 hours, and it was divided into the following sections given below.

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Round 2- Group Discussion
The next round was GD, and it was only for those candidates who have cleared the first
round. In my college, many students cleared the first round. The topic given for GD was
“Digital payments are secured or not?” The basic things they noticed were the
communication ability and convincing power. It was a very easy round, and I cleared it
Round 3- Technical Interview
The technical interview round was very typical as the standard of questions was high. In this
round, the interviewer judged my fundamental awareness of computer programming. The
question asked to me were to write the codes for Palindrome and Fibonacci series and what is
inheritance. He asked some more questions just to check my basic knowledge about the

Round 4- HR Interview
I was happy after the technical around as I knew that HR interview would also go well as I
have cleared the difficult round successfully. The HR interview was the final round. The HR
asked questions about my personal life, my interests, my strengths, and my weaknesses. He
also asked me if I was ok to move to a different city, to which I said yes. Then he asked me
about my queries to which I asked the timings and environment of the office. He answered
my questions in a friendly way, and then I left.
Finally, in a while, they called me again in the interview room and gave me the good news of
my selection. I was very happy for my first job.