Set 7

Student Details:
Name: Shilpa Thakur
College: Vellore College of Engineering, Vellore
Branch: Electronics and Communication Engineering
Type of interview: On-campus interview
Student Interview
Last month, LTI visited our college in Vellore. I was happy to hear that LTI is organizing
placement interviews on our campus for various posts. I did not want to miss the opportunity
as it was my first on-campus interview. The company has set certain criteria for students to
appear in the interview which was 60% marks or above in 10 th and 12 th and no due or
backlogs. Luckily, I was qualified.
I heard some of my friends discussing Prepinsta Website to prepare for the interview. When I
visited the website, it contained aptitude and coding questions. The PrepInsta Dashboard was
the savior for my interview preparation. After few days LTI initiated its interviews at our
campus. I cleared the aptitude round which had the following pattern.
Round 1- Written Aptitude Test
In this round, there were eight sections, for which we were given 120 minutes. There was a time limit
stated in front of every question. However, there was no negative marking.

SectionNo. of QuestionsTime Limit (mins)
Technical MCQs4040
SQL Query110
Paragraph Writing110

Aptitude test was easy in my opinion. More than 50% of the questions were of basic level
which everyone can answer.
Round 2- Group Discussion

Students who have cleared the round 1 were eligible for GD. I was one of them. Our topic of
discussion was, “Influence of the social media on youth.” At first, I was not able to take the
initiative, but within one or two minutes, I gathered all my points in mind and started
speaking. I said around four points and specified my points with examples, which impressed
the interviewers. I was selected for the technical round.
Round 3- Technical Round
I was fine with the technical round as if it was a one on one interview. Some technical
questions asked to me were:
 What is a Transistor?
 What is the Diode?
 What is an Integrated Circuit?
 What are a Transducer and Transponder?
I answered every question; I prepared all these sample questions from PrepInsta website. We
were sent for the final round.
Round 4- HR Interview
After all the rounds, I was quite happy as I made it till the last round. They called me and
asked me a few questions:
 Tell me something about your family background?
 Explain yourself in three lines.
 Why LTI?
 How do you see every situation in life?
They told me little and vital details about the LTI and even asked me if I have some questions
in my mind. They asked me to sit outside for a while, as they were taking the other
interviews. In the end, they called me and congratulated me on my selection in LTI