Inorder Traversal in Binary Tree without recursion in Java

Inorder Tree Traversal Without recursion 

In inorder tree traversal , left subtree is visited first , then the root and at last right subtree.Inorder Traversal of a binary search tree gives the sequence in non decreasing order In this article inorder traversal is performed using stack. And it is the obvious way to traverse tree without recursion.

Inorder Traversal without recursion

Example For Inorder Traversal without recursion

Inorder Traversal Using Stack

Steps to find inorder traversal without recursion:

  • Step 1: Create an temporary variable and an empty stack of Node type with initial value null. Push the element value to stack and set  temp= temp.left until temp is null .Now stack become , Stack -> 2,3,5.
  • Step 2: pop the element from the stack and assign it to temp variable and print it i.e print 2.Now stack become Stack->3,5. pop again and print it i.e. 3.Now stack become , Stack->5.
  • step 3: push 4 to stack and make temp null. Stack-> 4,5.
  • Step 4: pop 4 from the stack and print it .Now Stack->5. pop 5 from the stack and print it, so stack become Stack->null.
  • Step 5: push 7 to stack and make temp null. So Stack become Stack->7.
  • Step 6: pop 7 and print it . Now traversal is complete as stack is empty and temp is null.
Therefore the sequence will be printed as 2,3,4,5,7.


  1. If root is null , simply return .
  2. else , Create an empty stack  and initalize temp with root.
  3. Push the temp to stack and set  temp=temp.left until temp is null.
  4. Pop the top element from the stack and print it . Set temp=temp.right and goto step 3.
  5. Until current become null and stack become empty.Then, we are done with our traversal.


 //Inorder Traversal without Recursion

/*Node class containing left and right child of current nod e and key value.*/

import java.util.*;

class Node{

   int value;
   Node left,right;
   public Node(int value)

class Inorder{

     Node root; //root of the tree
   public Inorder(){

/*function for Inorder traversal of the tree*/
   public void inorder()
       if(root ==null)
       return ;
       Node temp=null;
       Stack<Node> stack=new Stack<Node>(); //Creating an empty Stack 
       for(temp=root; stack.size()>0 || temp!=null ;temp=temp.right)
       /*loop until we are on the left most node of the current node */
                stack.push(temp);  //inserting an element into stack
       /* removing the top element from the stack */
    System.out.print(temp.value+" ");

   public static void main(String[] args)
           Inorder t=new Inorder();
           t.root=new Node(5);
           t.root.left=new Node(3);
           t.root.right=new Node(7);
           t.root.left.left=new Node(2);
           t.root.left.right=new Node(4);




2 3 4 5 7


Time complexity:


Space complexity: