L&T Infotech Technical Interview

L&T Infotech Technical Interview Round

After the Aptitude and GD round, you have to clear this Technical round. In this L&T Infotech Technical round, Questions are asked from Programming and coding topics.

PrepInsta will be best website to cover this section for your preparation as it consists of all the topics which can be asked in L and T Infotech Technical Interview round.

L&T Infotech Technical Interview Questions

Some Key features of Technical interview for coding branches (CS/IT):

  • Questions from C / C++ / OOPS / Software Engineering / DSA were necessarily asked.
  • Questions related to the Technologies and Languages mentioned in Resume.
  •  Questions can be related to any Coding or software related field.
We have listed out a large number of questions asked in L&T Infotech Technical Interview which you can refer for your preparation.

General Information

 Once you clear the GD round of L&T Infotech, You will have to apper in Technical Interview round. This round is conducted to test your knowledge skills related to your field.

Duration: 30-40 minutes


Pre-Interview Gestures

Student X : 

The panelists will be interested in knowing about you as an individual. Typically an interview would start with “Tell me about yourself”.

Try to tell as much relevant information as you can about yourself. Remember*relevant*. They can ask about anything from your resume. Be ready for it.

Technical questions would be asked. They might even ask you to write small code or algorithm on paper. Be thorough with your project as well as industrial visit/internship details. Deep dive into those projects as they would be asked most of the times.

Student Y :

The technical interview is to check your knowledge on programming skills. Confidence is the key. If you like programming and you’re beaming with confidence, you can very easily bag the placement offer from LnT Infotech.



Q1. Tell the difference between C and C++?

Q2. Define the terms abstraction and encapsulation.

Q3. Explain the significance of multi-level and multiple inheritances?

Q4. What is the process of normalization?

Q5. Normalize the table that contains attributes: STUDENT ID, MARKS, TEACHER NAME, COURSE NAME, TEACHER ID, TEACHERS

Q6. Define the term semaphores?

Q7. ADODC: The full form is 

Q8. What is repeater?

Q9. Explain the different sorting algorithms?

Q10. Tell the better time complexity -O(n2) or O(n lg n ) and why?

Q11. Define with example an object oriented programming language?

Q12. Explain the significance of keywords: private, protected, public

Q13. Explain the importance of entity-relationship diagrams with example.

Q14. What are the five normal forms, partial FDs and trivial FDs?

Q15. Explain polymorphism with example?

Q16. Explain the time complexity of quick sort and merge sort.

Q17. Differentiate between the primary key and unique key.

Q18. Explain the referential integrity

Q19. Write some example queries of SQL.

Q20. Write a C program to find out the max no between 2 numbers.

Q21. Name all the algorithms used for sorting and explain one algorithm. 


Post-Interview Gestures

Student X : 

Atlast they told me to ask if I am having any queries.

I had asked general question like on what I will be working as being quite shows them that I am nervous and L&T Infotech never hires any employee with weak communication skills.

Then they shook hands and told me to call next candidate. 

Student Y : 

At the end I was asked to clear my doubts regarding the comapny. 

I had asked about what social welfares L&T Infotech does? L&T Infotech  improves the quality of education among children from marginalized communities and enhancing skills of the marginalized youth and women. Also, they provide special education & skills for physically and intellectually challenged people.

You can also ask about the Red Cross Group or CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Asking these will leave a good and positive impact about you over them.