What is Your Strongest Point?

What are your strongest skills?

It is vital to prepare the best points to answer – “What is your strongest point or What are your strengths?” for an interview. The interviewer wants to learn more about your skills to see if they can help their company.

So, how do you respond when asked what your strongest points are? Below are all of the possible responses to this question that will assist you in preparing for your interview. You must be honest when answering the interviewer’s queries.

what is your strongest point?

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  • What are your strengths?
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  • What is your mantra for success?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses that you discovered recently?
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'Dos' and 'Don'ts' while answering - "What is your strongest point?"

Positive Aspect

  • Inquire among your friends and relatives.
  • Examine your resume.
  • Look for hints.
  • Check your previous college reviews on your project, task, activity.
  • Knowing your strengths will benefit you both in the interview and in your life.

Negative Aspect

  • Self-Consciousness – Since most people are unaware of their strengths, they simply do a Google search based on the work requirements.
  • Wrong strengthsSome candidates are only interested in their strengths, which are irrelevant to the work. The interviewer also needs to recruit someone with significant strengths, rather than someone whose strengths are unimportant to the business. 
  • Wrong strength – Some candidates only concentrate on their strengths which are irrelevant to the work. As a result, the interviewer loses interest in their candidature.

Best possible answers for - "What is your strongest point?"

Read the sample responses carefully which are covered in this section to find how they can help you to answer the question more clearly and effectively. Your response should be a brief summary for the interviewer.

What are your strengths?

The answer to this question will portray an image in front of the interviewer which signifies that you are a team player and will be able to lead teams in the future.

Possible Answer:

You should respond in the following manner:-

  • My strengths are that I am patient and self-assured.
  • I welcome challenges as they arise, and I am also content to complete routine tasks.

This shows that you are adaptable in your approach to complete all tasks and will not get overwhelmed in the face of adversity.

What are your qualities that will help you to grow in the corporate world?

A candidate seeking challenging work appears to be a dedicated worker. This person appears to be trustworthy (After being there for so many years). Employers are cautious to hire people who aren’t going to stay long so this is a good thing.

Possible Answer:

I am a very social person who enjoys working in groups. I was the leader for team projects in college, directing others on their purpose and meeting a wide range of people. It also taught me how to manage teams and my valuable skill of persistence came in handy here.

What are some strengths of a person?

This question is to trick the candidate and further cross-question them. When the candidate answers this question, the interviewer may ask whether he possesses the same qualities or not. So the answer has to be very precise and should be related to oneself.

Possible Answer:

According to me the strengths of a person are confidence, hard work, adaptability, perseverence, teamwork and leadership.

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FAQs on - "What is your strongest point?"

Ques: Tips for giving the best answer for - "What is your strongest Point?"

If the question is solely about your previous employment, you only need to react clearly.  If they go on to inquire about the drawbacks of your former work, you must recall these four key points.

  1. Exhibit a good attitude.
  2. Mention positive aspects of your personality or abilities that reflect your cultural match.
  3. Finish on a high note.
  4. Concentrate on the current task.

Ques: What we should not say or avoid saying while answering this question?

If the interviewer asks about the negatives, you should avoid mentioning them. Avoid saying the following three things:

  1. Don’t criticize the boss or coworkers.
  2. 2. Choose a defect that is well-known within the industry.

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