Set 7

  • Name: Raman Agarwal
  • Branch: Electrical engineering
  • College: Sri Revana Siddeshwara Institute of Technology
  • Type of Interview: Referral Drive

Student Interview

I attended Infosys referral drive conducted on January 2018. My online test was held on 15th January 2018, and my interview process was held on 16th January 2018. First of all, let me give a brief idea about the pattern of written test and then I will move on with my interview experience. Written test

It was the first elimination round of Infosys. I knew that I had to clear the online round to getting selected for the final interview. Coming to the pattern, the written test had three sections. First section: Quantitative Aptitude This section has ten questions and time allotted was 25 minutes. I had enough time to solve all those questions as they were not tough. I was just prepared with the basics of quantitative and also practiced some probability problems which I saw on PrepInsta. So by proper practice, one can easily nail this section.

Second section: Logical reasoning This section had ten questions and the time allotted was 35 minutes. Five questions were from Syllogisms which were solved by having some basic knowledge, five questions from Data interpretation which involved some calculation and five from Data sufficiency which were also moderate. Third section: Verbal Ability Here comes the toughest part of this written test verbal ability. I termed it as toughest only because of the less time given for this section. There were 40 questions which were to be answered in 35 minutes. The questions were from Error detection and Correction, Theme detection, Sentence completion and two reading comprehensions. Upon the completion, I felt I should have worked hard in Verbal to overcome the time constraint. Each section had sectional cut off. So, every section required to be attempted with knowledge about respective cut-offs.

So after giving my written test on 15th I got a mail on the very next day informing that I have cleared the test and invited for the interview process which was conducted on 16th January 2018(I must be on the borderline to clear this round). Interview:

I hardly had any time to go through all the subjects and prepare for this interview round. I just went through basics of C, other subjects, and also my academic projects. My interview slot was provided for 9:00 am but, I had to wait for 5 hours for my turn to arrive. Without wasting much time, he looked onto my resume and asked some technical questions:

· What is database schema?

· What is the difference between reference key and foreign key?

And a few general questions:

· What are your strengths and weaknesses?

· Where do you see yourself in next five years?

And he asked about, what my friends were doing and wished me good luck after I answered that.

While he was putting the interview to an end, I asked him about the training program. He explained each and everything in detail about the training procedure. I was not very confident about the interview because the technical round didn’t go that well. The result was announced on 23rd January 2018, and it was disturbing. I was not able to make through the final round.

Nevertheless, it inspired me to prepare well and come back with more knowledge and confidence next time.