Set 4

  • Name: Kartik Rathore
  • Branch: ECE
  • College: Vellore Institute of Technology
  • Type of Interview: Off-Campus

Student Interview

I always wanted to experience the Infosys interview and crack it. After the completion of my B.Tech, I was looking forward to attaining a job in this one of the leading IT companies – Infosys. Since my college comes under B-Tier colleges, there were negligible chances for the company to visit the campus. But, fortunately, I learned about the off-campus drive and thought to try my luck there. I applied for the interview via

The recruitment process consisted of two rounds.

  1. Round 1: Infosys Online Test
  2. Round 2: Infosys Personal Interview

Infosys Online Test

Most of us had no clue about the exams. I had studied from PrepInsta for Infosys interview from here. On an average, the test paper was tough, though there was plenty of time to complete all the questions. This online test included three sections – Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Ability, and Verbal Ability.

Quantitative Ability: This part of the paper was of the moderate level and had only fundamental questions in the list. I already practiced such problems, and thus, it was overall good. It included questions from

  • Probability
  • Permutation and combination
  • Number systems
  • Ratio & proportions etc, whole syllabus may be on some other page of prepinsta

Logical Ability: In this round, there were data interpretation questions, data sufficiency questions, and questions based on blood relations and syllogisms. This part of the paper was tricky. Only if I practiced well for it, I would have answered all the questions correctly.

Verbal Ability: In this round, questions are both factual and inference based. Apart from reading comprehensions, the questions based on grammar, vocabulary (synonyms and antonyms), sentence correction and theme correction were also observed. The level of the question paper was moderate.

Interview email was sent to only those candidates who had cleared online test process. Rest of the students got a “regret mail” 2 or 3 days later as one of my friend who didn’t get selected told me. They picked 260 students out of 400 who appeared for this round. I was selected, and my next level interview was scheduled next day on the same venue.

Infosys Personal Interview

A lady interviewer took this round. As I belonged to ECE department, she didn’t ask me any IT questions. Instead, she focused on checking my communication skills and confidence level while answering. I do remember some of the questions such as:

· Why do you require a job in the IT field, and not in your core domain?

· Which subjects did you enjoy the most?

· What are your strengths and weaknesses?

· Why Infosys?

The interview extended for about 20 minutes. Later, she saw my certificates and said: “Thank You, do you have any questions for me?”. I asked about my growth prospects as a fresher in Infosys. They selected 143 students for this final round; I was one of them.

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