Infosys Interview Experience Submitted by Students

Interviewer: I

Candidate: C.

C is a male, 20yrs 362 days old, I is also a Male around 40yrs of age. C is an obese chap but good at heart.

C knocks the glass door and requests permission to enter. I gives a supposed nod, and C enters with a smile and his file in his hand.

C: Good Morning Sir.

I: Good Morning. BTW, did I tell you to come in, that you entered??

C: (flummoxed) Sorry sir, but I thought I heard a Yes. If it’s my fault, I’m very sorry. (Hangs his head down)

I: (laughing) Just kidding, please sit.

C sits on the stool in front, and thanks him.

I: (in a relaxed tone) How can I say no to you? You’re so big and tall. What if you hit me? I wouldn’t survive that. (laughs)

C: (now much more relaxed) Sir, I may look big but I’m gentle.

I: It’s no sin to have a big and bulky body. After all it’s a gift from God.

C: (with some swag) Yes Sir. I feel a little body cannot hold this much of awesomeness.

(This is where I think I nailed it)

I: Very good. I like your confidence. (Goes through the CV and says in a sarcastic tone) So C, what I see from this CV, your 10th 12th scores aren’t that good. Grad score in also decent, not that great.

C: (having been put off by this, trying to gather composure, in a low voice) Sir, I had studied hard for them, but somehow couldn’t make it. (Looks Crestfallen)

I: Why is your voice so low? You were so confident just a moment ago. What’s wrong?

Tell me, you’re from Electrical department. Why do you want to join Infosys?

C: Sir, Infosys is a leading IT and consulting firm. It is continually engaged in using the best and cutting edge technology. And Sir, the world is now moving towards IT industry. In Electrical Engineering also, IT has a lot of scope. Also Infosys has a good work culture, Good work ethics.

I: What scope does IT have in Electrical domain??

C: Sir, the whole world is getting connected. New innovations like Smart energy meters, Home automation Smart Grid are coming up. So, IT is the way forward in the industry.

I: What is a smart energy meter?

C: Sir, Smart energy meter would help in real time tracking of usage of power by the Electric company and feed information to the customer, according to that, the generation varies.

I: What do you mean by Home Automation?

A: Sir, we’ll connect all appliances so that they can sense the presence of people in the room, and can function accordingly.

I; But isn’t that already in place? What will you do then?

C: Yes, sir, but more innovations are on their way.

I: What is AMI? Do you know about it?

C:(after a hard thought) No sir, I do not.

I: It stands for Advanced Metering Infrastructure. It’s used in smart meters. Haven’t you read it?

C: Sorry sir, but no.

I: Did you have breakfast in the morning?

C: Yes, Sir.

I: What did you have for breakfast?

C: Sir I had Rice, Potato Wedges (I don’t what prompted me to say that) and Fish Curry.

I: And for yesterday dinner?

C: Sir I had Indian Flat breads and Chicken Curry (Just couldn’t say Roti, don’t know why.)

I: (awestruck) What fish did you have?

C: Pomfret sir.

I: What’s the price of Pomfret in Calcutta!

C: (instantaneous answer) 500 sir.

I: Good. You love to eat then.

C: Yes, Sir. Food is something that excites me. I also love cooking, especially baking.

I: Yes, I can see that. Where do you stay?

C: In kasba, Bosepukur sir.

I: Is it near Jadavpur?

C: No sir.

I: How far is it from Jadavpur?

C: Approx. 3 to 4 kms sir.

I: So you can jog every day from Kasba to Jadavpur and come back. That will be a good exercise.

C: Sure sir, I can do that.

(Both share a laugh)

I: So C, I haven’t taken an introduction of you. Can you brief me about you, where do you stay, what you do, you mother and father…?

C: (in excitement, forgets his prepared answer but manages it with an even better one on the fly)

I: Any brothers or sisters?

C: No sir, I’m the only child.

I: Ah, so that’s why you’re pampered.

C: (smiling) Yes sir, a bit.

I: (reading at the CV once more, and this time for quite a while) so, you did a workshop on IoT, what’s that?

C: (gave a well enough description)

I: What kinds of sensors are being used in IoT?

C: IR sensors, Temperature sensors, Light sensors.

I: Great! But what will you do if I reject you?

C: Sir, this is first interview. I am happy to come this far. If selected that would a bonus, but if not, then it’s fine too. I don’t fear failure sir. If rejected, I’ll go back, study hard, increase my knowledge and try elsewhere.

I: Good. I like your confidence. (with a smile) You play any sports? I don’t think so.

C: No sir, I’m not good at sports.

I: Do you play video games?

C: Yes, sir.

I: Then I cannot take you in. You have to leave them to join Infosys. You need to take an oath, and if you break that, God will punish you. Are you Ready?

C: No sir. They are my hobbies. How can I leave them?

I: Wow. I like that. But surely you can take an oath to exercise daily and keep yourself fit.

C: Surely sir, you will find a leaner me once I join Infosys. That is if I get selected to join.

I: (Gives a cheeky smile) I like your Confidence.

But, you want to join IT industry from a core background. Did you do some IT related projects or presented something or made a model of some sort.

C: (having tried long a hard) Sir, my final year project involves a bit of IT related programming as well.

I: Please explain.

C: (explained the project with lots of diagrams and a flowchart.)

I: (seems satisfied) What is the difference between innovation and invention?

C: Sir, invention refers to creating something entirely new, whereas innovation means to use the existing technology and try to improve it, with some improvisations, or clubbing 2 3 technologies into one.

I: So, what happens in India? Innovation or invention?

C: Innovation is mainly happening but there are a few inventions as well/

I: But Narayana Murthy says that after independence we haven’t been able to invent anything. What can you say about it? What are our PhDs and researchers doing?

C: Sir, that is partially true, there hasn’t neon any great inventions as such, I am optimistic and I hope a great invention is just round the corner. I have faith in our researchers.

I: Good. Just a small technical question. What is the difference between AC and DC motors?

C:(cakewalk for an electrical engineering student)

I: Too easy for you right.

C: Yes, sir, one of those easy ones

I: Right I’ll ask one non engineering question, if you answer it successfully Your directly in. else you’re out.

8 identical balls are placed side by side, with 7 balls of same weight and one of lower weight. You are given a pair of weighing scales just like these vegetable vendors. How can you find out the lightest ball??

C: (answered with 3 iterations)

I: Good. But what if I tell you to do it in 2 steps?

C: (thinks very hard, but comes up with nothing)

I: So you know the drill. You’re out. Thank you.

C: Sir, I don’t think one question can decide a candidate’s future. But it’s been a great journey, I don’t fear failure sir. If I am selected it’ll be a bonus but if not, I’ll try to be a better person.

I:Wait, I asked you so many questions, why do you feel like that? You want to try some more? Here you go. (hands the paper once more)

C:(this time works out a logic nut a specific one. Cannot generalize it.)

I: Your good I must say, you are approaching it correctly going in the right direction but You cannot finish properly.

C: I’ll try to improve on that when I join sir. That is if I join (gives a smile)

I: (smiling) good good. Thanks. You may leave.

C: Thank you sir.

After this 15 minutes long interview and another wait of 6 hrs., the director finally announces C’s name. He is selected to be a Systems Engineer for Infosys Ltd.


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