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Infosys Interview Experience for Electrical Engineer

I will tell you about my Infosys interview. Before that i will tell you my background.

I did my mechanical engineering from G.H.Patel College Of Engineering And Technology,V.V.Nagar. Infosys came in my college for recruitment in September-October. I cleared first round, and i had interview. I don’t have any idea what will i speak in interview as i am from non-cs background.


me-Happy morning sir (in nervousness i spoke happy morning instead of good morning)

Interviewer- Good morning manan ,please have a seat.yes, tell me about yourself.

me- (i expected this question, and i prepared for it)sir, i am from ahmedabad. My hobbies are reading, travelling , writing, listening bollywood songs. I am foodie person. My strength is positive attitude. Is there anything else do you want to know,sir? (i didn’t want to start with :my name is manan, i am from last year, my branch is mechanical. I want to tell him what he doesn’t know about me. He only knows my name and he knows i am from last year. Nobody reads your resume. Be specific with your answer, i said i love to listen bollywood songs.)

Interviewer- No, it’s fine. So, Do you write? What do you write?

me-Yes sir, Sir i write short stories or on life skills. I have brought hard copy of my written blogs with me. Can i show you?

Interviewer- Yeah, please. (then i handed over my copy of blogs to him, then he said)Good.

me- Thank you sir.

Interviewer- Tell me about your project.

me – (i told him about project)

Interviewer – why do you want to change your field to IT from mechanical?

me- sir, IT is the future of world. In future, You can not survive without IT. If i want to grow high and rapid, i need to work in IT. And i see bright future in IT and I am getting chance to work with such a reputed and 2nd largest company,Infosys. How can i miss this opportunity? (Try to butter him as much as i can)

Interviewer- ok, nice, Do you really think as a mechanical engineer you can work in IT field?

me- sir(with more confidence), co-founder of Infosys, Mr. Narayan murty had done electrical engineering. Google CEO, Mr. sundar pichai is from metallurgical engineering, Microsoft CEO, Mr. Satya nadella is from Electrical engineering. If they can get such high position even though they are from non-cs background, then i can definitely join Infosys as a trainee. And i also heard that Infosys gives world class training, so i will learn my best from training.

clean bowled 🙂

Interviewer- (with smile)Thank you, your interview is over.

Even in Tech Mahindra interview, Interviewer had asked me same question,i gave the same reply,just changed first sentence.Instead of mentioning Mr.Narayan Murty, I said: “sir, Tech-Mahindra CEO Mr.c.p.Gurnani is from Chemical engineering”!!!!