IBM Off Campus Drive 2020-21

IBM Off Campus Drive

IBM Conducts assessments that are encouraging ,Interactive and time efficient for the candidates. Here you will get all the Information About Candidates assessment . IBM is going to hire freshers of 2020 pass outs. It is an Best Opportunity for freshers to get a job in IBM.


The four step of IBM job assessment process:-

  1. IBM Online application
  2. IBM IPAT Test
  3. IBM Assessment centre
  4. IBM Final interview

IBM Off Campus Drive 2020-21

Associate System Engineer
PackageINR 4.25 Lakh Per Annum
Eligible 2020 Passouts
Online Test Sections
4 Sections

Step 1:-Online Application

When you are going to apply for IBM you need to complete the online application form which includes:

  • Personal details
  • Your education, e.g. A-Level results and schools that you have attended
  • Relevant work experience
  • A personal statement and a short essay demonstrating the eight core competencies sought after by IBM recruiters, which are: adaptability, communication, client focus, creative problem solving, drive, teamwork, passion for IBM, and taking ownership.
  •  Make sure to refer to particular experiences and skills that match the eight competencies outlined above.


NOTE:- You need to make sure you have provided accurate information before your submission.This is very important.

Step 2:-IBM Cognitive Assessment Test


This Test is referred as IPAT Test.Every candidate applying to IBM is required to take the IBM Cognitive Assessment Test.  While giving the test Candidates will get to know that this is the most unique test.

  • In IBM IPAT test you will be given Seven days complete two out of three sections.
  • This IPAT test measures how candidates can analyse information and reason logically, under time pressure.
  • The areas that IBM IPAT Test focuses on:-
  1. IBM Numerical series

There will sequence number or symbols and will have to identify patterns to choose the next item in the sequence.

        2.IBM Numerical reasoning test

It has 20 Questions and there will be longer problem given that will require a number of steps to arrive at the right answer.

        3. SHL Test

Candidates who have applied for ‘Graduate Strategic Analytics Consultant’  you need to give SHL Test.This test is split into 2 sections, and will assess both your

  • Verbl
  • Numerical Skills

       4. Personality Question

Candidates who have applied for the ‘Associate System enginner’ role will be asked to complete an additional personality questionnaire.



Step 3:-IBM Assessment Centre

If you have Cleared the Online Test Stage,You will be Invited to IBM Assessment Centre. In IBM Assessment Centre the IBM Recruiters will check :-

  • Your ability to work in a team and collaborate with others.


During the IBM Assessment Centre, you will be required to take part in a number of activities, including:


IPAT Verification Test

You have given this Test Before but you have to give this tets again, So Cheating in the Online Test will be of no help to you.

IBM Pre-prepared presentation

In this Section you need to prepare 10 Min presentation on any given topic and deliever it at some point during assessment centre.Make sure to check all emails carefully to include the relevant points.

IBM Test 2020

IBM Written Test

This test will ask you to write a essay regarding one of the business areas.

IBM Group Excercise

In this you will be assessed on your ability to communicate and reach decisions as part of a team.You will get observed by IBM Recruiters,so make sure to demonstrate your strengths; share your ideas, listen Others too. you just have to express your views Confidently.You need to listen carefully and speak Only at appropriate time.

IBM question and answer

IBM Role Play Excercise

In this Round You have to work in Pair. You will be Given around 20 Minutest to analyse a set of Information. In the second Part the Interviewer will play a part of Cliend and You and your partner will be representing IBM. In this you need to prove your Teamwork,Analytical thinking.

IBM Test paper

IBM written Exercise

In this Section,you will be given a case study problem and you need to develop your own arguments fully on that. The Best practice is you need to collect all the Information plan your response.Be sure to check your grammar and spellings throughout the essay and be attentive to the time that have been given

Step 4:-IBM Final Interview

If You successfully Passed  the IBM Assessment Centre then You are able give Interview Round.

There will be two rounds in Interview:-

  • Technical Round
  • HR Round

IBM OffCampus 2020-21 FAQ

Question : Is IBM Off Campus and On Campus Selection Process is Same?

Answer: No,the selection Process of IBM off campus and On campus is not smae.If you want to know you can visit our website for more more Information.

Question : What is the Selection Process of IBM Off Campus?

Answer: The Selection Process of IBM Off campus:-

  1. IBM Online application
  2. IBM IPAT Test
  3. IBM Assessment centre
  4. IBM Final interview

Question : What is the Difficulty Level of IBM Test paper?

Answer: The Difficulty level of IBM Test paper is high. You have to prepare for it well to score good marks.

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