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IBM Learning Agility Assessment Test

IBM Learning Agility Assessment Test is one of the round which IBM conducts for Global Technological Service Profile (GTS). IBM conducts 4 rounds for GTS profile.

  1. Cognitive Ability Games
  2. Learning Agility Assessment
  3. Coding Test
  4. English Language Test

Now Coming to Learning Agility Test, this is a Psychometric Test. In this Test there will 50 Questions that you have to  Solve in 30  Minutes. It is an elimination round and most of the students get eliminate in this round so prepare well for this test.

Psychometric tests are used by employers to objectively measure candidates cognitive abilities, attitudes, personality and knowledge.

Selection Chances

If you have’nt done much good in the previous rounds, so worry not, you still have a fair chance of getting selected IN NEXT ROUND.


IBM Learning Agility Assessment test tips:

Tip 1: Read the instructions carefully

Tip 2:  Understand each question

Tip 3:  You probably don’t have time to double-check answers

Tip 3: Learn the art of best-guess estimates

Tip 4: Don’t get your friends to help, be Honest


Describe yourself as you generally are now, not as you wish to be in the future.

For each statement please indicate whether you:

1) Strongly Disagree with the statement as a description of you;

2) Disagree with the statement as a description of you;

3) Slightly Disagree with the statement as a description of you;

4) Neither Agree nor Disagree with the statement as a description of you;

5) Slightly Agree with the statement as a description of you;

6) Agree with the statement as a description of you;

7) Strongly Agree with the statement as a description of you.

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Some frequently asked Questions for IBM Learning Agility Assessment Test


Describe yourself as honestly as you can. You have to choose any option out of these for each question


  1. Strongly Disagree
  2. Disagree
  3. Slightly Disagree
  4. Neither Agree nor Disagree
  5. Slightly Agree
  6. Agree
  7. Strongly Disagree

Q1- Sometimes I miss seeing or communicating the “hard truth” of situations.

Q2- Interacting with strangers energies me

Q3- At a party, I interact with many people, even strangers rather than speak with a few close friends

Q4- Sometimes I pay so much attention to facts, other present or past, that I miss new possibilities.

Q5- Sometimes I think so much about possibilities that I never look at how to make them a reality.

Q6- I sometimes jump to quickly into an activity and don’t allow enough time to think it over.

Q7- I solve problems by working through facts until I understand the problem.

Q8- I am interested in doing things that are new and different.

Q9-I trust impressions, symbols and metaphors more than what I actually experienced.

Q10- It is important that I am able to take on different kinds of tasks at work.

Q11- It motivates me if my work directly affects the well-being of my colleagues.

Q12- I want my performance to measured as part of a team rather than as an individual.

decision-making (1)

Q13- I like to get my work done before playing.

Q14- I remember events by what I read “between the lines” about their meaning.

Q15- I prefer to work in environments where I can aim to be the best.

Q16- I like working on tasks that require specific knowledge of the field.

Q17- I find it motivating to be someone’s mentor at work.

Q18- I am energized when I can make someone’s life easier at work.

Q19- I don’t need to have much variety at work.

Q20- I am stimulated by an approaching deadline.


Additional Information (FAQ's)

What is the importance of Learning Agility in IBM selection process?

IBM Learning Agility is also a rejection round process, your opinion according to which you answers the questions is very important.


Where I can find IBM Learning Agility Paper?

IBM Learning Agility is basically psychometry round, where you have to answer wether you strong agree, agree, disagree or strongly disagree with the provided statement. Most relevant IBM learning Agility Paper questions are provide here.

Which backgrounds are eligible for IBM?

Branches which are eligible for ZS Associates are-

  • B.E.
  • B.Tech.
  • ME
  • M.Tech
  • 5 year integrated course (B.Tech + M.Tech)