How to Use PrepInsta Quiz Effectively

How PrepInsta is

Than Books.

Books are old
Analytics are New.

Practice Makes Perfect

How we

Mock Tests Are bad 👎

Students give mock tests without even knowing formulas or giving due time to preparation.

Thus, mock tests do not give true indication on how you’re going to perform in the exam and you waste money

Analytics are Good👍

Thus, they turn to books for preparation. But books do not give any idea on performance, time based or percentile based. But, PrepInsta does :D.

PrepInsta. 🙌

With our Smart Dashboard – Quizzes, you can study as if you’re studying from books.

You get all formulas, shortcuts and tips and tricks on how to solve a question quickly. With time based performance report per question.

And after each quiz you get to know your ranking and percentile as well.


Knowledge is everything

Lets Check How?



Once you solve a question and choose option. You get to know how many percentage of people have chosen a particular option.


There are two, One that is given by PrepInsta other that is given by other students, if you think you have shorter better solution. You can submit yours too.

Time based performance.

Once you solve any question you get to know time based performance too.

Example -

This person has solved b/w 75-85 secs, he gets to know 30% of people have solved it before him and other 70% after him.

More Analytics.

Lol More.


Once you solve all 10 questions on the page, you get to know your percentile, your ranking (global/college), your accuracy and many other facts

Performance Dashbaord.

There are some other analytics that we give you can check that out below –

Analytics for Paid Users 😜.

We aren't greedy but our employees are 😜.

Performance Dashboard