HCL Interview Experience

HCL Interview Experience for Freshers 2018

  1. Name: Rajan Soni
  2. Branch: CS
  3. College: VIT Jaipur
  4. Type of Interview: ON-Campus

Student Interview

HCL recently visited our campus for the recruitment drive. It was the third time that the company conducted campus recruitment at our college. So, I registered for the drive and started preparing for the same. I visited campus library and browsed through many books and visited many website to find relevant content. Eventually, a friend suggested me to check Prepinsta and precisely I found adequate study material there. The interview comprised of two rounds: AMCAT written test and Face to Face Interview.

AMCAT Written Test

The first round was AMCAT written test which had five compulsory section: Quants, LRDI, Verbal, General Knowledge, and Technical. In the Technical section there was choice between Computer programming and MCQ on Computer Science. I chose computer MCQ. There were 65 Questions in total which were to be solved in 65 minutes.

Question number with their time allotment:

HCL Placement Section


Total – 65 minutes

Number of Questions

Cut off


Quantitative Ability

15 minutes

15 Ques

11 – 12 Ques


Logical Reasoning

15 minutes

15 Ques

10 – 11 Ques


English Verbal

15 minutes

15 Ques

12 – 13 Ques


Technical Ability

15 minutes

15 Ques

11 Ques


General Knowledge

5 minutes

5 Ques

4 Ques


Quantitative Ability: Questions covered in this section were from HCF and LCM, Number System, Time and Work, Permutation and Combination.

Logical Reasoning: this section had questions on Directional Sense, Coding, and Decoding, Data Sufficiency.

Verbal English: In this section there were questions on Sentence Correction, Reading Comprehension, Grammar, and Synonyms and Antonyms.

Technical Ability: The questions were related to simple memory manipulation using C or C++, mainly the code was given, and the output was to be determined.

General Knowledge: There were basic General Knowledge questions on current affairs and geography.

After the result declaration those who got selected were asked to stay for the interview round. Forunately, I was also selected for the interview round.


When I entered the boardroom three HCL officials were seated there. One of them was going through my resume while others greeted me and asked me to take a seat. Then, they started asking me questions about my project one of them asked me some questions from C, C++ and data structures but they were all basic, and anyone with little knowledge could have answered them easily. After some technical questions they started asking HR related questions. Few questions which I remember are

  • Tell me something about your family

  • What are your strong points?

  • Do you have any medical issues

  • What are your greatest fear?

My interview went for about 30 minutes. After my interview there were three more interviews. About an hour later results were declared, and I was informed of my selection.

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