GGK Technologies Recruitment Process

GGK Technologies Recruitment Process

GGK Technologies conducts Recruitment Drive every year and the GGK Technologies Recruitment Process is simple. The GGK Technologies Recruitment Process contains 4 rounds which is discussed below and also the points which is important from the point of view of students to prepare and focus on the important topics.

GGK Technlogies Recruitment Process

General Recruitment Process Steps followed by company :-

Step 1- Online Quants+Technical Test

Step 2-Programming Round

Step 3- Technical Round

Step 4- HR Round

GGK Technologies Online Recruitment Pattern:-

Round 1-

 The Online Test is conducted by the GGK Technologies Own portal. There is Quants , Verbal,Logical and Computer Programming section.

For more details you can visit here – GGK Technologies Online Written Test

Round 2- 

The second round is the coding round which contains 2 to 3 programming questions. This round is given by those who clears the first Aptitude and Technical round. The main areas to focus are:-

  1. Arrays
  2. Data Structures
  3. Pattern questions 

Round 3-

In Technical Round the recruiter is basically kneen to know how much basic do you know and also about the project work which you would be doing at that time. You should know the concept of OOPs ,data structures,java and c languages. The topics you can give your main focus are Programming concepts, OOPs concept, C/JAVA Programming, SQL Query, Networking Concept and Data Structures. 

Round 4-
This is the HR round in which HR only wants to know you and wants to check your confidence level.  This is one of the easiest round, they ask questions like :
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • What are your hobbies
  • Are you ready to reallocate?
  • How much CTC are you expecting?
The questions asked are very normal you can prepare it easily.