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GGK Technologies Technical Questions Answers

GGK Technologies is global IT service and custom product based company.And they are also providing digital cloud analytics ,AI and different types of business solutions to the companies all over the world.

Here PrepInsta will provide you  different types of GGK technologies technical  interview questions answers and technical interview questions with solutions.Here, on PrepInsta we have covered the whole syllabus of this Technical Interview Round of GGK Technologies as well as some sample programming  questions. This page consist questions and answers of GGK Technologies Technical Interview of CS/IT and other also.

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GGK Technology technical interview questions and answers

Topics asked in GGK Technologies Technical Interview of Coding branch (IT/CSE/MCA): 

  • Questions from C, C++, Data Structures, DBMS, OS etc.
  • Questions related to Technologies mentioned in resume.
  • Questions from your final year project.

GGK Technologies Technical interview questions with solutions

GGK Technologies  technical interview round is very important.They also Discuss about technical questions. They give few puzzles to solve in Technical itself. Few GGK Technologies technical questions answers given below:

  • Tell me something about your project and internship.
  • What is a servlet and what you get when we use servlets?
  • Can we execute a program without main method
  • What do you mean by virtual methods?
  • What do you mean by static methods?
  • How many ways are there to initialise  an int with a constant?
  • What are difference method overloading and overriding?


GGK Technologies HR Rounds

GGK Technologies  HR  round is very easy to clear. They just ask you general question. You can visit our HR dashboard for the same.

GGK Technologies Interview Questions

GGK Technologies  interview questions are available for your help on our website.You can visit for more technical questions and answers.