Student Details
Name: Hemant Kothari
College: Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai
Branch: Computer Science
Type of interview: ON-Campus Interview

Student Interview
GGK Technologies are one of the best IT consulting company in India. It’s a reputed name in the IT industry. Therefore, when it came to our college, I did not want to leave any straw to lose this great opportunity. Our Training and Placement Officer (TPO) had forwarded us with some links to prepare for the drive.

Eligibility Criteria
60% above in academics
Eligible branches- ECE, EEE, CSE, IT

Number of Rounds
Written Round
Aptitude Section
Coding Section
Technical Interview
HR Interview

Written Round
The sample papers from PrepInsta was a great help, especially for this round. The questions were exactly the same as that were in the sample papers.

Coding Section
There were three questions in my paper. Out of the three codes, two were from the PrepInsta’s study materials. The codes in my paper were:
To print the Star Pattern
Convert an array into Zig- Zag fashion.
For a given binary tree, check whether its mirror of itself.
I had a sigh of relief when I saw my name in the list of the selected students. The technical and HR interviews took place the next day.

Technical Interview
The interviewer first asked me to introduce myself. Till then he read my resume thoroughly. He asked questions on details return on my resume. The questions he asked were very basic. He was just checking the confidence level, and how strong my basics were. Some of the questions he asked me were:
How do you validate an IP address?
Is there any difference between JDK, JRE, and JVM?
What is a JIT?
Does SQL support programming?
After this, the interviewer asked me to wait outside for the next round.

HR Interview
The first question she asked was to introduce myself. Then she began with the general questions, about my career goals, interests, hobbies, etc. She asked me just one more question, “Suppose we have a certain problem in the company and cannot meet to the client’s requirements on time. Then how will you deal with the client?” I do not remember the exact answer I gave but she was impressed as she gave me a satisfactory smile. The offer letter was handed to the me by the end of the day.

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