Student Details
Name: Aisha Roy
College: College of Engineering, Pune
Branch: Computer Science
Type of interview: ON-Campus Interview

Student Interview
I was interviewed for GGK Technologies when they visited my college for the recruitment drive in 2018. That time there were three rounds, in which the 1st written round had two sections – Aptitude and Coding. I heard a lot about PrepInsta and its sample papers, so for the written round I referred to it. Choosing PrepInsta as a source preparation was the correct decision as almost 70% of the questions matched from PrepInsta’s sample papers.

Eligibility Criteria
Min 60% in academics
Good programming and analytical skills
Eligible branches- ECE, EEE, CSE, IT
Good communication skills

Number of Interview Rounds
Written Round
Aptitude Section
Coding Section
Face to Face Round
Technical Interview
HR Interview

Written Round
There were three sections in this round, Quantitative Analysis, Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation, and Verbal. Difficulty level of the paper was medium and there was no negative marking in the paper.

Face to Face Interview Round
Technical Interview
It was my first interview so I was very nervous. The interviewer asked me various questions on basics of programming, AI, and cloud computing. Some of the questions the interviewer asked me were:
Reverse a linked list
In what areas AI can be used?
What is cloud computing, and state its benefits.
He gave me a pseudo plan for some XYZ company and asked me to give it a read and suggest what the XYZ Company lacks and what is hindering its productivity. Later, he asked me questions from my resume, my academic score, summer internships, certifications, minor and major projects. The interview went for about 30-40 minutes, after which I left.

HR Interview
This round was conducted on the next day. The students were required to be present with two updated copies of their resume. The HR interview began sharp at 11 in the morning. She asked questions related to personal interests, team work, work ethics, and gave some details about the work culture at GGK. She asked if I had any issues or questions about the company, to which I asked few and then I left. I got selected at GGK as Business Analyst. Presently, I am working as Senior Business Analyst with same company at Hyderabad.

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