Student Details
Name: Rajat Jain
College: Sinhgad Institute of Technology, Pune
Branch: Computer Science
Type of interview: ON-Campus Interview

Student Interview
I am presently working as a Senior UI Developer at GGK Technologies, Hyderabad. I was selected for GGK, when they conducted a pool campus drive at my college two years back. The overall interview procedure was very straightforward. The questions asked in the interview round were all related to their branch and details written on the resume.

Eligibility Criteria
Min 60% in Engineering
Candidates with circuit branches only- ECE, EEE, CSE, IT
Excellent communication skills
Good programming and analytical skills
Knowledge of at least 1 programming language is mandatory.
There were four interview rounds; Aptitude Round, Coding Round, Technical Interview, and HR Interview

Aptitude Round
This round was divided into two sections. First was the Aptitude Section and the other was the Coding Section. In the first section there were 30 questions and in the next section there were 3 coding questions max.

Coding Section
There were three questions in my paper, and thanks to the PrepInsta’s sample papers as I could solve all the questions. The interviewers were concentrating more on the logic rather than long-line codes while shortlisting the students. More optimized code, higher chances of getting selected.

Technical Interview
The first thing the interviewer asked me was my resume. He asked me each and everything that was mentioned there, even that I like playing soccer. He asked me about my EMC certification, and to verify it he asked me many questions on cloud computing too. Later he asked few questions about my academic career, both in school and college. He ended up by asking me about my final year project, and asked me to give a short verbal presentation on it.

HR Interview
The HR who interviewed me was quite nice. She asked me very easy questions, just to check that my communication skills, my strengths & weaknesses. She asked me what do I know about GGK, and why do I want to join. She asked me questions related to team work, and work ethics. At the end she wished me good luck and shook my hand. I had a sigh of relief when I received the offer letter. I received the joining letter with the date and the location after a month.  

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