Student Details 
Name: Saba Khan
College: Amity University, Noida
Branch: Computer Science
Type of interview: ON-Campus Interview

Student Interview
GGK Technologies conducted a pool campus drive at our college last year. This was my first interview as a fresher, therefore I didn’t want to take any risk. I spoke to some of my seniors about how and from where should I prepare, and all of them suggested PrepInsta’s Practice Sample papers for the Written Round.

Eligibility Criteria
Minimum 60% in Engineering
Excellent communication skills
Good programming and analytical skills
Knowledge of at least 1 programming language is mandatory.

Number of Rounds
Aptitude Round
Coding Round
Technical Interview
HR Interview

Aptitude Round
There were 30 questions in this round. The difficulty level for all the sections was medium. This round was more like a cake walk for me as I already practiced through PrepInsta’s sample papers. About 60% of the questions from PrepInsta’s study material matched exactly in the paper.

Test Section Details of GGK Technologies :

Test Sections of GGK TechnologiesNumber of questionsTime allotedTopics
Quantative Section1210Time & work
Profit & Loss
Number System
Time Speed & Distance
Ratio & Proportion
Number Series
clocks and calendar
Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation & Verbal Section710Synonyms
Contextual Vocabulary
Para Jumbles
Error Identification
One word substitution
Passage Completion
Reading Comprehension ordering
Seating arrangement
blood relations
Coding Decoding
Directions & Distance
Verbal Reasoning
Programming MCQ Section
1110Data Types
Procedure, functions and scope
Arrays, Linked Lists,
Binary Trees, Graphs
Stacks, Queues
Hash Tables
Searching and Sorting
Complexity Theory

Coding Section

This was majorly a filtering round as most of the students were eliminated after this round. I being from the C.S.E. branch had an upper hand as compared to the students from other branches. There were 2-3 questions in this round and they were based on Pattern making and code optimization. The questions were of medium difficulty level and the time allotted to this section was 15 minutes.

Face to Face Interview Round

Technical Interview
This round was entirely based on the resume. The interviewer asked about almost each and everything that was mentioned in my resume. He asked few questions from core C and C++, and few questions on Linux. Later, he asked about my final year group project and what was my role in it. Since time was less so he asked me to draw an ER Diagram of my project and explain it. He seemed quite impressed as when I walked out he gave me a smile and shook hands with me wishing me good luck for my next round.

HR Interview
This round was easiest of all. The HR asked me questions related to my interests, team work, my communication skills, and my outlook towards working for GGK technologies. I received the offer letter within a week for the training, and the joining letter came after a month.

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