GGK Technologies Interview Experience

GGK Technologies Interview Experience 2019

In this page we have collected a interview experience of various students  so that you should get a idea how to prepare better for GGK Technologies placements. GGK Interview Experience of every candidate has given here and you can get all the idea of the interview questions asked in the GGK Technologies.

We have set of interview list. The list is given below :

GGK Technologies Interview Experience 2018 

CollegeAmity University, NoidaQuants-91%
Type of InterviewON-Campus InterviewLogical-96%
Name Saba KhanVerbal-92%
BranchComputer Science Programmig and Coding-95%
ggk-technologies-interview experience pattern

GGK Technologies Technical Interview Pattern

Once you get selected in online wriiten pattern  then there is a technical Interview round . This round is based on the core topics of the subjects like :

  • Basic concepts of C++ / Java.
  • Coding questions of Computer Programming .
GGK Technologies Interview Experience Details

GGK Technologies HR Interview Pattern

The HR round is the last round of any commpanies placements  . In this questions regarding weakness  and strength ,  your hobies are asked. In this round we should ask questions regarding salary and job location  




GGK Technologies Interview Experience pattern wit details