First Campus Interview Experience Essay – Cocubes Capgemini

Today I would share my first campus interview experience. As you know Capgemini came last week in our college and I cracked the interview. So, I am very glad to share my experience. Our college before two weeks announced that this company will be coming in our campus for recruiting students. As you know it is a very good software company so, we were very glad after hearing this news. Then I started preparing for the interview. Daily I used to study 12 to 14 hours and made a routine for dividing all the subjects equally. Then I practised aptitude in the morning and prepared subjects and also practised essay writing.

Then the most awaited moment came which was the day when we were so glad and so tensed for that drive. In the early morning, I woke up and took a bath and dressed with a formal dress. Then we became ready for going to our college. At 9 am we have gone to college. Then the hr of the company came and gave a presentation about their company. We were unknown about so many things that they have discussed. The discussion was so good and our interest in joining that company then increased. We were eagerly waiting for giving an interview and getting selected.

Then the first round which was aptitude and essay writing started at 10 am. I got the result at 11 am that I got selected for the next round. Now this round was technical round with a good number of conceptual technical questions. I also cleared that round then another round was face to face round. In the round, they were asking questions from my subjects and some hr questions were also very important questions. I was so satisfied with my interview.

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  • Trisha

    I would like to share my first interview experience . The company was capgemini.
    Two weeks before our college Top cell informed us about this campus drive . I was glad and scared as well because it is a very good company.
    So I started my preparation . I make a planning for my preparation. I focus more on my weakness which was essay writing and pseudo code. Where as I am good in quants and my core subjects. I gain conference with continuous practice . Finally the day come. This is the most awaited day for me. I reached college at morning and then was a brief presentation about the company. After then the round 1 start. It was on aptitude and essay writing. I cleared the stage. Then after the 2nd round start . It was for coding. I was qualified for this round. The technical and HR round strat then . I faced a lot of diffcult questions in this. They asked me about my project, my training etc. They asked about my core subjects and some HR related questions. I was successfully cleared this round and I am selected.
    Yes it is true that hardwork never betrays you. May be it will late but one should wait for it.

  • Navkant

    I want to share my first interview experience. I am 2019 passed bachelor of technology students. I am from electronics and communication branch. I have completed my B. Tech degree from, Technocrats group of institute of technology, Bhopal and university name Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal. I have attend, first campus Capgemini. Our college’s member informed us about this test two week ago. I am very interested to join this company. So, I became very happy to hear this news. After that, I start the preparation of Capgemini off campus. I make a one schedule for study. In which we mentioned all of 12 hours for study. In which we study about of aptitude in the morning. I solved the problem of pseudo code and, other coding question in the evening. I deeply prepared from essay writing in the noon.
    I know about my weakness. Due to this weakness I never complete the first round of Capgemini co-cubes test. Essay writing is the our weakness. So, I focused more on preparation of essay writing. I prepare it from many website and internet. Also I asked about it from my seniger who placed in Capgemini. I gave more time on essay writing. Pseudo code is the also moderate for me. So, also we give some time for it. I prepare in good way for pseudo code and essay writing. After some day I can perform better it. Aptitude is better for me. So, we give some less time for preparation of it.
    And, next day Capgemini off campus is to coming in my colleges. In this night we sleep early. And, I wake up early in the morning. And I became fresh and prepared for go to college in formal dress. I reached my college at 09:30 am. HR of this company came at 10:00 am. He gives the sort presentation about us company. In which we learn many thing about which I did not know. At 10:30 am written exam started in which first round is essay writing test. I am very nervous but. Think positive. I attend this test. After one-half our result of short listed student out. In which I saw also mine name mentioned. I became very-very happy.
    Next round of this co-cubes test is aptitude test. In which I have to solve the total 16 questions in 32 minutes. In this round I feel relaxed, because my aptitude preparation was good. Result of short listed students declared and also I qualified this round. Next round became at 12:00 pm. In this round we solve 10 Pseudo code questions which is from C/C++/DBMS/DATA STRUCTURES. After one-half hour result of this round is also declared. I also qualified this round. Next round is technical round in which HR asked the question from my core subject. In this round i faced more difficulty but, I also qualified this round. Last round of this co-cubes test is HR round in which sample and general question asked. I qualified this round also. I became very happy.

  • Karthik karthik

    I would like to share my first interview experience. It was with a multi-national company. There were many stages in this process of recrutiment. The first stage is aptitude/logical/essay writing test, if you qualify in this then you would be allowed for next round which is pseudo-code later subsequently followed by technical interview then human resource.
    I started preparing for the exam before one week and was very tensed because it was my dream company and it’s an on campus drive. There may be less competitive but the sectional cut-off was high. I had developed confidence on my-self after rigorous practice daily. The most awaited day has come which was the day we were waiting for. The drive was conducted on time and the result’s were out on that day it-self. We were happy to see our names in the list. It was my first achievement.
    In conclusion, hardwork pay’s off one day or the other be patience till that day come.

  • vaishnavi

    I would like to share my first interview experience. My first interview is with Capgemini. Our college informed us before, two weeks. I worked hard for this placements. My college gave us two weeks of training. I studied for 12 hours per day. Firstly, I was poor in essay writing. So, I am concentrated more on essay writing. Daily, I practiced for one hour. I experience a lot by practicing the essay writing. Whereas coming to quant, I am average in quant. When I came to know the Capgemini is coming within two weeks. I was scared a lot. BecauseOf, I do not know. I worked hard a lot on quant.

    I use to sleep only for 6 hours. I belong to Electronic. So, I have concentrated more on coding. So, the day came. I woke up and I took a bath and dressed in a white formal dress. I went to the college. I reached the college at 9 AM. The Capgemini people came and gave their representation of there company. I came to know more information from their representation. After, the representation they gave us a break for five minutes. They sent us for round one. I was so scared. Finally, I cleared my round one. They gave us five minutes of break for next round. I was successfully cleared my round two.

    They called us for Hr interview. He asked me difficult questions. I was so scared. He asked me about our project. Then I answered to him very briefly. He asked me ten question. I answered to him confidently. After sometime, he said that I was selected. I am so happy. I said this good news to my parents. They were happy too. All my effort made me be successful. I was so thankful to my college. They gave us a training with was useful to place in a company.