Wipro/ Off Campus

  • Name -  Tippireddy vivek
  • College - vemana institute of technology , bengaluru
  • Date of Interview - 11th of november 2021
  • Branch - computer science and engineering 

Written Test -

my written test is on 25th of september 2021

Total 3 sections(128mins)

aptitude - 48mins

written communication test - 20mins

online programming test - 60mins

i got the mail from wipro stating that you are shorlisted for interview round on 11th of october 2021

Interview -

my interview was sheduled on 11th of november 

interview questions :-

  1. tell us about yourself 
  2. favourite programming language(i said c,python they asked why not java i said i have basic knowledge in java they said ok fine)
  3. DBMS basics 
  4. SQL commands 
  5. strengths and weakness 
  6. your greatest mistake and how did you overcome it 
  7. ok with bond 
  8. controlflow statements in programming languages 
  9. why pointer concepts not there in java 
  10. some other basics in oops concept

status SELECTED 

got the LOI on 22nd of november 2021

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